This 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Theory Predicts A Showdown Between Two Major Characters

by Sophy Ziss

Gather round, Game of Thrones fans: It's prediction time. This latest Game of Thrones theory from reddit user J_A_R_Y_A_M_I_E suggests how Arya might kill Cersei in Season 8, and it's one of the most credible ones yet. If you're worried about spoilers, don't be. This is safely a spoiler-free zone. It is, however, the location of high-intensity Game of Thrones Season 8 fan theories, so if you don't want to hear about how Arya Stark might finally off Cersei Lannister for good, it's time to turn back now.

So. Queen Cersei has been on Arya's list of people to kill before Arya even realized she had such a list. Now that the younger Stark sister has spent years training, learning, and preparing, she's literally a ruthless magic assassin with a taste for vengeance. Far from the small, feisty kid Cersei once knew, Arya's seen some stuff, lost beloved family members, and really, really wants to kill the queen. But how will she get to her? The latest fan theory suggests that the Valonqar prophecy will come into play for Season 8.

In the books, a young Cersei Lannister was told that she'd lose three children, and be killed by a valonqar. In High Valyrian, this translates to "little brother." For obvious reasons, Cersei long assumed her actual younger brother — Tyrion Lannister — would be the cause of her death. But what if it's her twin brother-slash-love-of-her-life, Jaime, who deals the final blow? And what if it's actually Arya Stark using Ser Jaime's face? Let's take a look.

Fans want nothing more than for Arya to accomplish her ultimate goal, and put an end to Cersei's reign of terror. However, the closer Cersei inches to full-on Mad Queen status, the more fans are willing to defect to plan number two: Jaime. Jaime has long been tormented by his love for his twin sister, but it took a few seasons for him to gain sympathy from the Game of Thrones fanbase. Now that he's an oddly likable character — not to mention a reasonable one, and an expectant father (again, with Cersei) — things don't bode well for him. The odds are slim on Jaime making it all the way to the end of the series. He's not angling for the throne, and his primary goal appears to be reclaiming his sense of honor as a knight. Even if he makes it to the finale, it's unlikely that the person who sits upon the Iron Throne will let Jaime live. But someone has to live long enough to kill Cersei. And that's where the Valonqar prophecy comes into play.

Jaime was a renowned fighter — the Kingslayer, even — until he lost his right hand in Season 3. He's had to learn to fight with his left hand, and is not the swordsman he once was. (Jaime's right hand has been replaced by a fake, golden one.) Arya Stark herself is left-handed, a detail that actor Maisie Williams reportedly insisted make it into the series, as reddit user TaraTinker19 pointed out. Arya's also one of the Faceless Men, more or less, and would have no reason to show Jaime mercy, should she encounter him on a battlefield (or in a hallway, for that matter).

Jaime is headed North, which means the youngest Stark sister could use one of her numerous disguises to be alone with Jaime early in the season, and then wield her fighting abilities and the element of surprise to overpower him. Once Arya has defeated Jaime Lannister, she could take his face, and head to King's Landing in order to pretend to be Cersei's ally. Cersei trusts no one, but she's unafraid to be alone with Jaime. In fact, she doesn't always bring her bewitched bodyguard The Mountain with her when she meets with her twin. If Arya takes Jaime's face, she can be alone with Cersei, and end the queen's storyline in a way that's spooky, satisfying, and powerful.

The implications of Arya-as-Jaime finally killing Cersei are many. It would be incredible to see her actually accomplish this, first of all. Plus, Cersei is just so villainous. She absolutely has to go before the series ends. Thinking she's been betrayed by Jaime, and then discovering it's actually Arya Stark? Can you imagine? It's just the right amount of horrifying. It would also mean that Jaime wouldn't be responsible for his sister's end, like so many believe he will be.

So, yes, while Arya-as-Cersei's-twin doesn't quite fit the bill of valonqar, it wouldn't be the first time something crucial was mistranslated. Remember, in Season 7, Missandei revealed that an ancient prophecy could translate as the prince or princess that was promised. Why should the Valonqar Prophecy be any different? Especially when it could serve up such a rich ending to Arya and Cersei's stories.