Imagine 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' As A Retro Sitcom

It's only a little longer before Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters, and if you're hotly anticipating another intergalactic rendevous with that ragtag group of misfits, this'll set fuel to the fire. Marvel's latest promo for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 promises all the hilarity of the first film, pre-packaged with a laugh track. In fact, this new trailer won't just make you yearn to see the Guardians sequel, it'll make you wish desperately that Guardians of the Galaxy was an '80s sitcom.

It's in this latest trailer that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 gets a retro sitcom makeover, and it is thorough. You get a close-up of Quill's shooting a dashing yet still somewhat goofy smirk at the camera, and you get giggles at Rocket's quip that the Guardians' stock will rise if they save the day a second time. There's a slightly hokey-sounding announcer giving us a sneak peek of "the next episode" of Guardians of the Galaxy. And you, of course have a studio audience aww-ing at the preciousness of Baby Groot (who, armed with that catchphrase, is definitely the Gary Coleman of the family). Oh, and in case there were any doubts, it all flows together perfectly.

Maybe it has a good transition because the film, in general, has a much less serious tone than most Marvel entries. I mean, yes, Marvel as a whole is more fun-friendly than the dark-and-gritty vibe DC has been giving off in the past decade or so. But the original Guardians of the Galaxy felt like a comedy first, and an action movie second.

And maybe it's because the movie already has a pretty vintage soundtrack, with the Awesome Mix Vol. 1 featuring some pretty '70s sounding rock songs. Does this imply that the second film will have more of an '80s tone? That Quill will be popping in a cassette filled with Duran Duran and The Go-Go's instead of instead of Elvin Bishop and David Bowie? Uh, no the track list is more about Electric Light Orchestra and Fleetwood Mac, but throwing back to an old-fashioned style still doesn't feel off-brand.

I can only hope that Marvel might repackage Guardians of the Galaxy in this way (come on, it'd make a fun web series). But in lieu of that, you can catch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in theaters May 5, and watch the preview of the next Guardians "episode" on repeat until then.