This Adorable DIY Halloween Cookie House Is $12 On Amazon Right Now

by Brittany Bennett

You're familiar with the Gingerbread House. You most likely have decorated one around the holidays and completed it with frosting icicles and peppermint windows. That's cute, sure. But now there are Halloween Cookie House Kits on Amazon, and frosting cobwebs are much more of a ~mood~ than icicles.

You don't have to be Wednesday Addams to appreciate a haunted Halloween cookie house. Half of Halloween is about treats, after all. If you, like me, are two seconds away from collecting all the Halloween decorations from the back of the closet and littering your front porch with ghouls and goblins and pumpkins, you'll enjoy this pre-Halloween activity of cathartic cookie building. You may be ready for October, but your neighbors might not be. Even if you hold off until the first crunchy leaf is stepped on — we're only at mid-August — that doesn't mean you can't start the celebrations early.

Turn up the Monster Mash, flick on Hocus Pocus and make your haunted Halloween Cookie House come ~aliiiiiiive~! Per Best Products, the bakeware company Wilton has a selection of Cookie House kits available on Amazon Prime that are ready to construct and decorate. Each kit features a different house with different decorating bits. All kits are spooky and delicious.

The Wilton Ready-To-Decorate Halloween Chocolate Cookie House, available on Amazon, retails for $11.41 and is scary easy to make — mostly because it already comes assembled. All you have to do is draw on a purple coffin front door for the vampire tenants that clearly occupy the haunted abode. The kit comes equipped with yellow fondant, two types of candy, purple and gray icing, and two decorating bags as well as tips. Plus, the house is chocolate, so, you might want to sink your fangs into the house shortly after it's decorated.

Another Halloween Cookie decorating kit is the Wilton Build It Yourself Chocolate Cookie House Decorating Kit-Halloween House. This Halloween House features a quirky foundation that makes for a crooked, spooky looking house. Much like one a witch would call home. The kit retails for $15.96 and comes complete with a gravestone cookie.


And, finally, the Wilton Halloween Pre-Baked Cookie House Kit retails for $29.28. It does require that you construct it, but this haunted cookie mansion comes with instructions. Once it's all built up, decorate it with candy bats. Frost on some cobwebs and make the windows menacing. I'd also like to add that this particular kit looks like the perfect home for a candy corn garden. If you're a big fan of the seasonal candy, perhaps, instead, a candy corn farm would be more your style.

It might be too early to carve pumpkins — only because there are no pumpkins to carve — but it's never too early to decorate a haunted Halloween Cookie House. Thankfully, Amazon has options. I say stock up on Halloween candy and settle into an evening watching your favorite scary movies whilst frosting the front door in a wickedly purple way.