Amazon Is Selling A Heated House For Cats This Winter

This heated house for cats is perfect for winter.

Despite that soft and fluffy layer of fur on our felines, cats get cold in winter, too. Now there's an easy and affordable solution to keeping your kitties warm that doesn't involve sacrificing your warm laptop keyboard to the feline gods: This adorable and handy heated cat house from K&H Pet Products on Amazon, perfect for the outdoors (or, to be honest, sticking your toes in when your cat's on the prowl).

This little heated kitty house will run you around $68, and it has a one-year limited warranty so you can test drive it with your cat to ensure it's a quality investment. And yes, it's very cute, but more importantly, it's highly functional: According to the product's description, the house is sturdy, easy to assemble, and the heated version comes with a 20-watt MET safety listed heating pad to keep your kitties ultra warm. If you're keeping the cat house inside your already-warm home, you can also just purchase the unheated version, which will still be insulated and cozy — just sans the electric heating pad.

According to its Amazon description, this cat house is perfect for kitties who sleep "in garages, porches, barns, or even in the home." It has a nylon backing which makes it waterproof, and it's got two plastic flaps for the cats' entry and exit, which ensures they're not trapped inside if another animal tries to enter. The exits are covered by a small roof to keep them sheltered, too. This baby has well over 4,000 reviews, the vast majority of them being five-stars, so you know it's well-loved by customers. (There are also several other styles to choose from offered by the same brand, if the classic A-line roof shape isn't your style.)

Just a quick note here: Many people mistakenly think it's OK to make their cats "outdoor cats" who come and go as they please — but virtually all humane societies and animal organizations advocate for keeping kitties indoors at all times. Cats are fully domestic animals, and outdoor cats are at a much higher risk for illnesses, injuries, and even death — so letting your cats roam outdoors could actually put their lives in danger. Of course, if you do still have a cat with outdoor access — or as mentioned, if you have feral kitties living in your neighborhoods who they look out for — this is the perfect little shelter to invest in to help ensure their safety through the winters and offer them a little reprieve from the potentially harsh weather.

Indoor and outdoor cats alike will be so grateful for this cozy, sturdy kitty house to make their winters much more bearable. And as mere subjects to the feline race, it's our duty to ensure their safety, happiness, and of course, their coziness.