IKEA's New Was Line Designed By Beyoncé’s Stylist, So Now You Can Live Like Bey On The Cheap


It is perfectly appropriate to want to emulate Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter in nearly every way possible. The woman is, after all, so stylish and formidable she was able to announce her pregnancy with twins via an Instagram post so memorable it puts every single thing a Kardashian has published to shame, but beyond that, Beyoncé's been rocking stellar looks since she crawled through an uninhabited island with the other two members of Destiny's Child in the "Survivor" video. Now, you too can have a slice of Bey, thanks to a new IKEA homeware line designed by Beyonce's stylist.

The line, dubbed Omedelbar (which means "immediate" in Swedish) is designed by Bea Åkerlund, who, per London paper the Evening Standard, has fashioned famed looks for Beyoncé, as well as for Madonna, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga. This particular line takes inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, with designs befitting a world through a looking glass like upside-down top hat vases, time piece-shaped wall clocks, crown-shaped gold bowls, and a pair of otherworldly black-and-white curtains.

But while you might expect decorating your home a la the number one pop star in the world might cost a chunk of change, the Omedelbar line is rather affordable, with goods starting as low as $2 and going up to about $250. Here are some of the top picks from the collection:


Cushion Cover, Lips

Cushion cover, lips, $6, IKEA

This $6 cushion cover emblazoned with a pair of fierce-looking red lips will certainly make a statement if you choose to home it on your couch.



Rug, $60, IKEA

This leopard-print rug is more rock-and-roll than Lewis Carroll, but it'll be sure to add a dash of wild to the most staid of bedrooms.


Hat Vase

Vase, $25, IKEA

This vase, shaped like an upside-down top hat, will turn any tea party into a unbirthday party, Mad Hatter 'n all. It also comes in clear glass, should you prefer a slightly lighter home for your flowers, and/or assortment.


Shoe Vase

Vase, $20, IKEA

This is actually my favorite item in the collection, in part because I adore flowers, but also because I am a fan of Victorian fashion. Here, we have a vase shaped like the Mad Hatter's leg (it is not Alice's leg, for in John Tenniel's illustrations, as well as in the Disney movie, Alice is wearing Mary Janes.). I love it.


Crown Bowl

Bowl, $20, IKEA

This bowl shaped like a gold crown does double duty, referencing both the King and Queen of Hearts and Queen Bey. (Also the White Queen, if you have an undeserving soft spot for Tim Burton's Alice adaptation, but you shouldn't).


Wall Clock

Wall clock, $30, IKEA

The White Rabbit was always my favorite Alice in Wonderland character, in part because though I am a stickler for punctuality, I am always late. Honor him with this time piece-shaped wall clock, and also by showing up at least 10 minutes after you're supposed to.


Black And White Boxes

Boxes with lids, $30, IKEA

I don't know what you're supposed to keep in these, but I do know they resemble hat boxes, and the Gothic Beetlejuice-esque color scheme is good enough for me to recommend.


Bodice-Shaped Bed Canopy

Bed canopy, $30, IKEA

This marvelous Gothic bed canopy resembles both a sensual Victorian bodice and a disembodied ghost woman, which is truly my preferred home decor aesthetic.



Mirror, $129, IKEA

There's not a whole lot I'd drop $129 on at this point, but this spectacularly spooky mirror makes the splurge list. Bonus points if it boasts magical powers that'll take me through the looking glass, ha, get it? I'll show myself out.


B Light

Multi-use lighting, $20, IKEA

Probably, this "B" stands for Bea Åkerlund, but it could also stand for Beyoncé. I choose to believe the latter, if just to justify dropping a sweet Andrew Jackson on this Baby.