This Instagram Of Dogs Waiting For Bagels In The Drive-Thru Line Is Too Pure For Your TL

During these cold winter months and a news cycle filled with overwhelming, and at times disheartening headlines, many of us could use a little something to brighten our days. What makes people smile more than dogs? Happy dogs eating carbohydrates, of course! At least, this is what Natasha — the brain behind this Instagram account of dogs waiting for bagels — believes. In fact, spreading a little joy is the whole reason she started the account that documents the faces of dogs who visit her job: a Florida bagel shop. Bustle reached out to Natasha, who shared a bit of background about the inspiration for the account.

The 31-year-old from Melbourne Beach, Florida started working at her local Einstein Bros. Bagels last fall, and “…the drive-thru became [her] special little area in November.” After noticing her customers' habit of bringing their pups pups to accompany them on their snack runs, she decided each dog who passes through should get a “special little treat” for the road in the form of a beef-flavored “bagel” made exclusively for canine consumption (officially named a “Doggie Bagel").

The overwhelmingly positive response inspired Natasha to begin snapping photos of her canine customers for friends and family, and posting them to Instagram.

Doggie Bagels Are Almost Identical To Regular Bagels

The wheat-based dog treat usually sells for $1.19.

Abby Strikes A Pose With Her Snack

In less than one month, Natasha's photos of her bagel-eating, canine customers has acquired almost 3,500 followers.

Mojo Grabs Breakfast On The Way To Work

The pooches in her photos have captured the attention of 'grammers all over the world, and positioned Natasha to be well on her way to Instagram stardom.

Pups of All Shapes And Sizes Visit

Under one photo, a user commented, “Woke up to your pics this morning (Australia). Lovely to start the day with a smile on my face! Thanks so much for your amazing account!”

Double Trouble

Natasha says despite the popularity of the account is something she never expected, but business at the bagel shop has not been impacted too much by her social media success.

Heidi Is A Regular At The Window

Aside from gaining a few regular customers, she explains “ seems like it’s everywhere but here, LOL. I’m okay with that; the drive-thru is already busy enough!”

This is not the first time Instagram has embraced the unique eating habits of our four-legged friends. Dogs Who Brunch is a most notable example of successfully marrying the two topics. Boasting over one thousand user-submitted posts of dogs enjoying the most important meal of the day, the Dogs Who Brunch account has attracted over 13,000 followers with its photos of silly canine-culinary scenarios; from pit bulls with pancakes, to terriers with tacos.

But it is not all about fun and followers. Instagram has also served as an effective tool for organizations to promote animal welfare.

In 2016, the Kitsap Humane society in Silverdale, Washington began an adoption initiative (and documented it on their Instagram account) that involved bringing adoptable dogs on trips to Starbucks for an event they called “Puppaccino Tuesday.” Each week, one lucky dog is given the chance to enjoy a trip to the popular coffee shop and be treated to a whipped cream treat known as the puppaccino. While the trips do provide fun adventures for the dogs — most of whom spend the majority of their time confined to shelter spaces — the underlying mission of the excursions is to expose the dogs to the public, and in particular potential adopters they would not otherwise meet. In fact, Puppaccino Tuesday is still going strong (and being documented on the Kistsap Humane Society Instagram.)

As for the future of Natasha's dog and bagel account? She says she just hopes people will continue to love looking at her photos as much as she loves taking them. You can find more of the carbo-loading canines on Instagram at @ebdogs4096.