This Company Will Pay You To Take Instagrams Of Dogs All Day — Here’s How To Apply

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

So goes the saying: if you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Travel website The Points Guy is putting that old adage to the test with this new summer internship that will pay you to Instagram dogs all day. So, ha ha, people who shamed me for following an excessive amount of famous dogs on Instagram. This is the job I’ve been preparing for my whole social media life.

According to the job posting on The Points Guy’s website, the internship focus is on Miles, Hootie and Swisher, three aggressively adorable French bulldogs better known as The Points Pups. Based in The Point Guy’s Flatiron District office in New York City, the internship will involve taking professional-quality photos of the pups, managing their dog-centric social media platforms, and documenting the experience of traveling with pets. The lucky intern will also be testing out different pet-friendly amenities while traveling and lodging. Basically, you’re getting paid to take a vacation with three dogs. It is a literal dream come true.

Qualified applicants will be “social media savvy” and have experience on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. They’ll also be adept at photography—these pooches gotta look good. And “yes, Portrait Mode counts!” the listing specifies for all you iPhone photographers out there. You’ll also need to be ages 18 or older (there’s no age cap listen for us post-post-post-grads) and able to legally work in the U.S. Veterinary education is a plus but not a requirement. Oh and you have to love dogs. Loving dogs is kind of, like, the whole job.

Getting to hang out with dogs all day may feed your soul, but you do need money to live. The Points Guy understands that you may not be able to barter dog cuddles for sandwiches and specifies that the internship is paid. You’ll make $20 an hour working between 25 to 40 hours a week. Not bad internship pay especially when you’re already been compensated in dog quality time.

“Pet travel is gaining so much momentum and we really want to bring awareness to how to do it right,” a spokesperson for the company told Teen Vogue. “We’re so excited for the social media intern to not only bond with our adorable office mascots and create amazing social media content, but to help our editorial team build out a pet travel report that will dive deep into requirements and improvements needed in this growing travel space.”

Traveling with your pet can be stressful enough as it is. Finding a way to do it safely will not only alleviate some of that travel anxiety, it could literally be lifesaving for your pup. The dos and dont’s of pet travel may put some limits on how you can travel (by car is better than by plane), but there are still plenty of ways to transport your pet safely to your final destination. As more airlines, hotel, and other public space continue to accommodate for emotional support animals, finding a way to travel safely is even more necessary.

If The Points Guy internship interests you (because of course it does), you’ll need to put together your resume and a short video explaining why you’d be the perfect person to photograph these equally perfect pups. You have until May 15 to get your portfolio of puppy pics in order. “Our human will be selected and announced before Memorial Day Weekend,” the job posting states.

The listing doesn’t require dog-themed puns but I, personally, highly encourage them in your application as well as in your everyday life. Good luck if you’re planning on applying for the internship that will change you fur-ever.