The One Career You’re Meant For, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type

It's safe to say that your career is most likely one of the most important parts of your life. Where you work is where you spend a good portion of your time, and while a job will never be 100 percent fun and games, it should still be something you enjoy (at least a little bit). Sure, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, but other times, a change just may be in order. Considering a new career can be overwhelming and terrifying, and if you're not exactly sure where you should end up, you may need some advice. There's no better time to look within! There are a bunch of great ideas about which career you should switch to based on your Myers-Briggs type, and they are definitely worth looking into.

First, though, you'll need to figure out exactly what your type is. Not sure how? You can take the official test online (it shouldn't take more than a few minutes) to be assigned four letters that explain your personality. The Myers-Briggs test is an examination of you based on Jungian psychology. Those four letters can point out where you shine and where you struggle, two things that are incredibly important when considering what kind of job you should have.

Ready for a new journey? It might seem super intimidating, but in the end, it could be the best thing you could do for yourself. Here are a few suggestions on what to switch your career to if you're ready for a big change. Good luck out there!

ISTJ: Detective or Accountant

ISTJ types are known as one of the most logical types. So, if you're ISTJ, you want to look for a career that allows you to use facts and rules as strict guidelines for what you do. You're reliable and sharp, and you like to have jobs that give you a specific role as well as a lot of responsibility. Put those abilities to good use by picking a career that ensures you'll always need to follow the rules exactly. A detective is a great career if you're super curious. If you want to do something where you work alone more often (as is usually the case with ISTJs), then pick an accountant, financial advisor, or business manager — something like that.

ESTJ: Chef Or Doctor

As an ESTJ, you want a career that is stable, secure, and provides you the opportunity to follow a specific structure. Your type means that you prefer long-term jobs — you don't want to hop around all the time. So, pick something that will keep you in one place, or at least one field, for a very long time. Some examples include a doctor, police officer, or lawyer, all of which also give you the responsibility you want. If you want something a little bit more out of the box that still follows certain guidelines, you might want to try being a chef.

ISFJ: Teacher Or Social Worker

As an ISFJ, your type is known as the "defender." You have great analytical skills, but you also like your job to have some sort of meaning behind it. You're reliable with a great memory, and you're pretty social for an introvert — you actually like to get noticed for what you're doing. Your best bet is finding a job that allows you to shine a bit, but is also detail-oriented and just social enough. Something like a teacher, social worker, school nurse, or social worker would be ideal for you.

ESFJ: Teacher Or Nurse

ESFJs are typically pretty popular, and when it comes to work, you love to do something where you get to interact with a lot of people, act like a leader, but also follow rules and guidelines. You'd prefer a more meaningful career that allows you to help others while also staying organized. Some great fields for you include teaching or the medical community — you would make an excellent teacher or nurse.

ISTP: Graphic Designer Or Computer Engineer

As an ISTP, it might be a little hard for you to find a suitable career — you like to feel excited about your job, but you also love to learn and figure out the way things work. But even though you're really adventurous, you're also really practical, so you need to find the perfect combination. Because of that, you'd be great as a computer engineer, a scientist of any kind, a mechanic, or a graphic designer. A career that keeps you guessing and hard at work, but that also allows you to use your most practical skills, is your best bet.

ESTP: Journalist Or Military Officer

Also known as the "entrepreneur," ESTPs love to do things. You want a job that allows you to jump right into the action, where you can be competitive and do what you want to do. You're also very social and excellent with other people. Some great career fits for you would be a journalist, a military officer, or something that gives you some sort of control. The one career you don't want? Something highly structured that keeps you in the same place, all the time.

ISFP: Photographer Or Jeweler

As an ISFP, you're a super creative type. You need to work in a place that gives you creative freedom, something that is flexible and isn't about the 9-5 lifestyle. Anything artistic would do, like a freelance writer or a photographer. Being a jeweler could also suit you, as well as doing something super exciting, like being a musician.

ESFP: Bartender Or Customer Service Rep

Dubbed the "entertainer," you love to work with other people. You'll really shine in a career that allows you to be outgoing and friendly, but also super helpful. You love talking to other people and fixing their problems, so basically any career that requires you to be a "people person" would be a good fit for you. This includes being a bartender, a tour guide, a customer service representative, a coach, or a paramedic, to name a few.

INTJ: Surgeon Or Judge

You work best in a more administrative role. You're very smart, and very good at analyzing something and coming up strategies around it. You're very curious and you crave a career that allows you to learn, use your critical thinking skills, and also keep to yourself a bit more. You want to find a position that gives you a little bit of power as well. As an INTJ, you would make an excellent surgeon, judge, or software engineer.

ENTJ: Attorney Or Architect

You are smart, determined, and love to be in control, so you need to find a career that allows you to be powerful. You're also super confident, and you like to be able to help other people, as well as have some sort of structure and organization. For these reasons, you would make an excellent attorney, architect, judge, or corporate strategist.

INTP: Professor Or Psychiatrist

The INTP type is fairly rare — you are creative, inventive, and independent, and you have to explore. A corporate position isn't going to be the best thing for you, so if you're in an office now, get out! You're better off as a college professor where you can do your thing, or a psychiatrist where you get to do your thing and be involved in the scientific world. You would also be great in law or lab research.

ENTP: Reporter Or Real Estate Agent

As an ENTP, you have a different way of thinking than everyone else. You're a big fan of rational thought, you like to work with other people, and you're very curious. You would make a great reporter or freelance consultant, where you have a little more freedom. You would also do well as a real estate agent, which would really let you work with other people more, while putting your skills to good use.

INFJ: School Counselor Or Writer

If you're an INFJ type, you really need to find a career that you believe is meaningful, preferably something that helps others in some way. You're creative and you'd prefer to have a little bit more freedom. You would do great as a school counselor, psychologist, or a nurse, and if you're a little bit more creative, you'd be great as a writer.

ENFJ: Teacher Or PR Specialist

As an ENFJ, you're very social, and you really love to help other people - it's your passion. You want to find a career that helps others grow and thrive, to help make things work. You would do great in any sort of leadership position that allows you to work with others and be helpful at the same time, like being a teacher, a PR specialist, a politician, event coordinator, even an HR position.

INFP: Animator Or Psychologist

INFP types usually have a hard time finding the right career. You don't like professional 9-5 jobs and would prefer to have a little more freedom without added stress. You're also dedicated and smart, and great at meaningful relationships. For that reason, you would do well as a psychologist, or if you're more creative, an animator. You'd also be great at social work or massage therapy.

ENFP: Travel Writer Or Teacher

As an ENFP, you love to explore, learn new things, and travel. You want to take everything in and do, well, everything. You're enthusiastic and you work really, really well with other people. With all of those skills combined, you'd do great in a job that requires a lot of exploring, like being a travel writer or a detective. If you want to focus on working more with others, you would make a great teacher or psychologist.