See The UK Parliament Find Out About The Terrorist Attack

by Allie Gemmill
Jack Taylor/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It was an alarming scene Wednesday afternoon in London as the UK's House of Commons went into lockdown following reports of gunfire heard outside. Reports flooded in that there was an attack on Westminster Bridge, the bridge closest to the House of Commons. A Reuters photographer reported seeing at least a dozen people injured on Westminster Bridge, next to parliament," and he captured photos of "people lying on the ground, some of them bleeding heavily and one apparently under a bus." Now, footage is being circulated via CNN's Twitter account that shows the precise moment the House of Commons went into lockdown.

Sessions of the House of Commons are often recorded and the footage being shown on CNN's Twitter feed is representative of this. In the video, you can clearly see that the meeting room holds a large group of representatives. The session has been halted and there is small talk occurring among the representatives. Additionally, you can see that order is clearly being called for, and that it was decided that representatives should not be released from the room.

Sky News reported via their Twitter account that the alleged gunman was shot by police and that a man was allegedly seen with a knife inside the grounds of the House of Commons, whose grounds are gated on all sides not bordering the Thames River. The UK Metropolitan Police have stated the incident is being treated as a "terrorist incident."

It is being reported that a dozen people were injured in the attack on Westminster Bridge. That said, it should be noted that because Westminster Bridge is part of a major route for London traffic (both on foot, by bus, and by car), an official number on those injured or affected by the attack has yet to be stated. Additionally, while Prime Minister Theresa May was at the House of Commons during the attack, her official whereabouts are not being disclosed although it has been confirmed that she was unharmed at the time of the attacks.

This is a developing story, so there should be more information incoming shortly. Stay tuned for details.