This Is The Type Of Nightmare You're Most Likely To Have, Based On Your Sign

We are all capable of having really disturbing, strange dreams from time to time. As 2018 gets crazier, the outside world is a surefire guarantee that your subconscious is going to mirror it. If your night terrors are puzzling you, there actually may be a rhyme or reason for what you may be thinking about.

There are actually certain nightmares that your zodiac sign may be more prone to than others, and a few ways you can interpret them. They're not prophetic by any means, but each sign has individual personality traits and drives that influence them more than others, and looking at themes your dreams may have is a way to figure out what's really bothering you and how to alleviate that in the waking world.

Trying to analyze your dreams when you're conscious can help your sleep patterns, or help you uncover a lot of issues you may have been holding back. Some are scared of what their dreams mean, and don't want to examine them too closely — but personally, I think they just tell us what our desires and fears are. And that's all they are — feelings. Feelings aren't things to be scared about!

Here are some possible dreams you may be having and their interpretations:


Screaming so loud and no one hearing you may be a recurring dream of yours. There are several ways you could interpret this. Perhaps in your friend group or at work, you are feeling extremely undervalued and unheard. It's not the same as literally being mute, but your pain could come from feeling like your perspective and opinions aren't being considered. Try asking yourself if there's anyone in your life you are trying to communicate with who isn't giving you the proper time of day. It could be a big step in getting your subconscious straightened out.


You're most likely to have sensory nightmares, like having a million pins dig into you. You hate discomfort, and perhaps in the waking world you've developed a phobia of it. Pain manifested in a dream can be the ultimate sign you're avoiding and fear it. Trying to figure what your physical triggers are in waking life may help, whether it's as minimal as not getting enough of a lunch break or as prolonged as sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. It will give you some perspective on how to solve it, and how important it is to your wellbeing.


Not being able to communicate would be a nightmare for such a sociable Gemini in both waking and sleeping. Expressing yourself to others is your biggest outlet in life — and you'd be bound to run up against some pitfalls if you didn't have that. So dreaming about that just shows how precious your voice, whether writing or speaking, is to you. Cherishing it even more is probably the best way to alleviate this dream state.


Your parents/significant other saying they don't love you is on your list of worst possible realities, stat. Finding out love is a lie would be a very unpleasant world to live in for such a dreamer like you. Trust your intuition when it comes to these things, Cancer. You're pretty perceptive, so if you're afraid of being duped, trust that you'd see it coming when it comes to being loved.


Going through life invisible is probably your worst fear, and likely manifests in your common nightmares. You want to do things of significance in this world, and if you have a dream about invisibility, you're probably afraid that what you're passionate about doesn't matter. Just remember that in this big, big world, there's bound to be somebody who cares about what you have to say. And even having that is audience enough.


Losing your memory would absolutely terrify you, and if that's a dream you have, it's no wonder. You use it to keep track of so many things, from the details about your loved ones to work-related project management. Without your memory, how would you log it all?? This may seem like a truly terrifying prospect to you, so if you're having dreams about it, take it as a sign that you need to scale back a bit — release the reins on a project, or find someone to share the burden of it with you. You are not an island!


Living life alone is a common bad dream for the sign that's about partnerships. You seek balance in life, and finding someone who makes your life that much better is so important to you. But if you look at the scope of relationships out there, you'll find that you already have meaningful relationships — that truly, everyone does. You're not going to be alone in life, but if you find yourself having these dreams often, reach out to your loved ones for that extra chance to touch base.


Being cheated on by your lover may be a common theme in your nightmares. You're a very possessive and loyal soul, and the last thing you want is to find out you've invested your energy in someone who hasn't done the same. Checking in with yourself and remembering you're strong enough to handle anything — and strong enough to be appreciated, no matter by whom — is definitely a good self-care practice.


Being limited in some way — whether it's the inability to go somewhere, or the inability to do something that you love in real life — might represent your sign's strong relationship with freedom. You're always itching for something more in life, so make sure you're not settling in certain aspects. When it comes to your relationships, your lifestyle, your job, make sure you are happy and feel like you have the appropriate room to grow. And thrive!


Everything crumbling under you may be a recurring dream for you. You build your life upon a structure that works for you, and that failing is probably something you fear to an extent. Take this to mean that you're very organized and have plans for things, and if the current one were to fall out, you'd likely recover. You're a logical Capricorn, you got this!


Being isolated or rejected is a common nightmare that would suck the life out of a social sign like you. You're someone with a lot of charm and wit, and you thrive from the validation of entertaining people; but beauty comes from within, and people will always be receptive to you so long as your essence doesn't change. Examine that desire to be liked, and buoy yourself in knowing that you don't have to perform for people — they already like you for you.


Nightmares about an apocalyptic world are probably recurrent for a sensitive dreamer like you. You do love being in your feels and your imagination already, but if that weren't a safe place, you'd be toast; that kind of fear can manifest dramatically into a nightmare scenario. But even if the face of disaster, real or imaginary you'd find a way to make things work. Embrace your cleverness, and the weird roads into winds you down — there's no reason to fear the unknown, especially because of all the signs, you're the one closest to the edge of it.