Everything 'This Is Us' Fans Need To Know About Jack's Brother Going Into Season 3

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The mystery surrounding Jack Pearson's tragic death may be solved, but This Is Us still has plenty of mysteries left to explore heading into Season 3. One particular aspect of the story fans would love to get to the bottom to is regarding Jack's brother, Nicky, whose fate has remained vague ever since he came into the picture. Luckily, there are some pretty compelling This Is Us Season 3 theories about Jack's brother that prove that this plot point doesn't necessarily have to end in heartache. But let's face it, it probably will, who are we kidding?

Up until a Season 2 flashback revelation, Jack had never even mentioned that he'd had a brother, and as someone who is now known for being a family man, Nicky's lack of a presence in Jack's life speaks volumes. Why is Nicky no longer in Jack's life? Why hasn't he been mentioned before? These are all questions fans are eager to see get answered in Season 3.

Considering that there will be multiple flashbacks to Jack's Vietnam days this season, it could end up happening sooner rather than later. But that doesn't mean we can't try out our own predictions on for size and see all the various ways Nicky's fate could end up getting explained. Such as...

He Died In Combat

Aside from seeing Jack and Nicky as kids who were waiting for their dad to leave the bar so they could finally go on their fishing trip, the only other time Nicky popped up was when an adult version of Jack looked at a photograph of the men he'd served with in Vietnam. One of those soldiers was wearing black-framed glasses similar to those Nicky wore as a child. The obvious conclusion to be drawn here is that Nicky died as a result of the war, which is why he's no longer around and in Jack's life.

It could also explain why Jack never talks about his time in Vietnam. If he lost his brother there, it would be too painful to relive. Knowing Jack, he probably views the whole thing as being his fault since he wasn't able to protect him in the way he feels a big brother should. Of course, it wouldn't be his fault at all, but it's certainly the type of guilt trip Jack would put on himself.

He Died, But Not During The War

There's also the possibility that Nicky did die, but the cause of death has nothing to do with the war. We know by now that both Jack and his father suffered from alcohol addiction. Is it possible Nicky struggled with his own form of addiction as well and it ended up taking his life. During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Milo Ventimiglia stated that Nicky has demons, which will be brought to light throughout Season 3. Maybe those demons is what led to his tragic demise.

He's Alive, But Estranged From Jack

Then again, This Is Us is known for unveiling surprising plot twists. It's just as likely that Nicky is still alive, but no longer on speaking terms with his brother. Maybe Nicky got injured and he blames Jack, so they severed ties. Perhaps the war changed Nicky for the worst and it resulted in an estrangement. Either way, him being alive is a definite possibility, which could make for quite the reunion if Kevin ends up finding him during his Vietnam trip.

Thankfully, we won't be kept in the dark for much longer and the rest of Jack's family secrets will finally come to light — and hopefully won't make us cry too much.