This Is What People Fear Most About You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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According to your one friend who's dabbled in everything from crystals to tarot, your zodiac sign can say a lot about you. While they light incense and you try to find a comfortable way to sit on a floor pillow to meditate, they'll tell you that the date and time you were born can determine everything from your work style to how you conduct yourself in romantic relationships. It can also influence how others see you, and specifically, what they fear most about you.

It's a tricky thing, fear. We often think about it in either definable, concrete terms (fear of heights, sharks, balloons) or vague, abstract concepts (fear of intimacy, failure, missing out). As real as these fears can be and feel, there also exists a set of smaller, every day fears — fear of not having cash at a cash-only bar, fear of farting at work and having to play it off like it was your chair, fear of saying "You too!" when the waiter says "Enjoy your meal." These fears are smaller but still very real, and as your friend will tell you while they rearrange their crystals and you finally give up and toss the floor pillow to side, your sign can invoke some of these fears in other people.

See what people fear most about you, based on the stars, below. Remember, you can either use this information for good, and try to downplay whichever qualities of yours tend to make people nervous, or you can play them up like an agent of chaos. The choice is yours.


Aries are known for having a bit of a temper, so although you're energetic and fun, people sometimes find themselves walking on eggshells around you. Your occasional tantrums can be tremendously awkward, especially when you confront someone at a dinner party and everyone gets really quiet and takes a deep swig of their wine. And what's more terrifying than the awkward gulp, really?


Tauruses are practical and reliable, but also stubborn and uncompromising. People are scared of getting into a disagreement with you over trivia, because they know you'll stand your ground, and maybe even cut you out of their life, even after they show you on a map that Reno is in fact farther west than Los Angeles.


Geminis are social, fun, and a little indecisive. So much so that people are always scared you'll flake on plans at the last minute, leaving them stuck alone at a dive bar across town you insisted on going to because you heard it was cool. What's even more terrifying though, is that they know they'll forgive you because you're so damn charming.


Oh, gentle Cancers. You're the mom of the group, and everyone loves you, but people are also slightly nervous about hanging out with you at cocktail parties, because they know after your third glass of Merlot you and everyone in your immediate vicinity are on the express train to sob-town.


Leos, you're always the life of the party. But you can also be arrogant. As much as they may enjoy hanging out with you, people are always scared that it's only a matter of time before you start dropping some heavy humble-brags. Think: "It was so hard to choose a college because I got full scholarships everywhere I applied," or "My trainer said I should be the one training her!" Ugh.


Your wisdom and practicality are a blessing and a curse, Virgo. Your methodical, analytic mind helps you give great advice, but it can also make you overly critical, and the people around you live in fear of your swift, harsh judgment.


Libras live to restore order and peace to the world, and above all, hate being alone. While you are a valuable balancing force in your family and social circles, you don't always understand that sometimes people need to figure out problems on their own. Your friends live in constant fear that you'll try to orchestrate a reconciliation by inviting their ex to brunch or something.


Scorpios are mysterious and passionate, and you're well known for being the horn dogs of the astrological world. While you may feel exceedingly comfortable talking about your sexual preferences and experiences, you occasionally cross other people's lines of comfort without realizing it. Others may avoid you out of fear that what starts out as a casual conversation about the weather will end with you asking them about their favorite sex toys.


Sags are generous and spontaneous, but they're also impatient and less than diplomatic. You tend to say whatever's on your mind, which makes people nervous you'll do something like bring up that embarrassing thing they did in high school while they're talking to a cute guy, or ask their boss how his divorce is going.


Capricorns are natural managers. You are serious, responsible, disciplined, and a bit of a task-master. Before they hang out with you, your friends prepare a lengthy list of excuses, because they're scared you'll inevitably have some sort of task or errand for you to help them with, like rearranging all of your furniture, or coming with you to buy shelves at Ikea.


Because of your free-spiritedness and eccentricity, friends turn to you when they want to cut loose or try something new. But it's important to remember that not everyone is as open minded as you are, Aquarius. People worry that if they hang out with you for too long, at some point they'll wake up and find themselves naked in a field, miles from home, while you talk animatedly to a butterfly that landed nearby.


Sweet, sweet Pisces, you're the emos of the group. You are gentle, artistic, and wise. You're also extremely sensitive and more than a little fragile. Your sensitivity can scare people, because they're nervous you'll end up playing a Smiths record and talking about your parents' divorce, even if they just came over to watch the Bachelorette.