This Is Your Best Quality, According To Your Myers-Briggs Type

Growing up, we all hear that we are special, and we observe how we and others have different strengths and weaknesses. But is there a way to really break that down?

Let the Myers-Briggs personality test help you — your type may indicate a lot of things, from how you make friends or date or get work done or react to new problems. All 16 of the types delineated through the Myers-Briggs test remind us how we all need each other to make the world go round. They can also show us how to improve ourselves and help with a lot of self-esteem issues. Once you understand yourself, you can also better accept yourself — and come to understand what is great about you. A good way is to reflect upon your best quality, based on your Myers-Briggs type.

The Myers-Briggs personality test was pioneered in the early 20th century and based on psychologist Carl Jung's theory of how humans use sensing, intuition, thinking, and feeling. The order in which you use these can influence your approach to life in all ways, whether you're a more realistic sort of person (like an ISTJ) or someone who lives with their head in the world of intuition (INFJ).

If you haven't yet taken the test, you can find out your type using the Myers-Briggs questionnaire here; if you already know your type, then read on to find out what makes you a little different, and a lot great.


You're creative. You can make a cool new idea out of any set of given facts, and people find you refreshing when it comes to coming up with hilarious conspiracy theories, psychological analyzing, and other intuitive pursuits. Your creativity is always colored by your optimistic, glass-half-full approach to life, so the ideas also tend to be positive and used for good rather than bad. So embrace how inspiring you are, ENFP!


You're understanding. You have an ability to connect every experience you've ever had to how to best care for another person. When other people need space, you know how to not push them. When other people need a hug, you know how to help deliver. You're good at monitoring your own comfort zone, and that helps you calibrate to others. What would we do without your unique thermostatic sort of empathy?


You're inquisitive. Like a great investigator, you're all about falsifying hypotheses and accepting new ones. You think of life as a series of ever-changing facts, and you're very, very openminded when it comes to hunting down new ones. If anyone needs an encyclopedia of supernatural phenomenon, you'll be the go-to person. You're always reflecting on your logical views of the world and refining them, and that makes you a powerhouse of a thinker.


You're a great manager. You're great at executing all sorts of plans, and you can move up quickly through the ranks and be put in charge of many sorts of projects at work. You're dedicated to your goals and your determination to get things done is nothing short of legendary — and indisputably effective.


You're charismatic. Okay, this sounds generic, but seriously. You're really able to get how to make a lasting impression on people through your very impressive brain. Whether it's by uttering a great witticism about society, or cracking a joke, or adjusting your attitude based on the person you're with, most people find you an irresistible personality. It's pretty strategic — you're always thinking critically about how you come off. You know how to mold to the emotional environment before you, and your logic is what gets you able to perceive what side will be best accepted. Most people from all walks of life are drawn to you, and can they blame themselves? You're an ENTP.


You're a magnetic speaker. You could convince anyone of anything because you know how to smooth talk when it comes to crowds. You love the spotlight and the stage, and you know how to command attention like no other. Your ability to read the room instantly is spot on, and useful for you when it comes to figuring out what to do with the group dynamics. Your intuition also helps you pick up what the thematic trends of our society are, and you always use this to connect what sort of message people need to hear at the moment. Go get 'em tiger.


You're self-aware and brave. Your functional stack as an INFP means you know how to cycle through any bad feeling; most people can't do this and end up repressing parts of themselves. Your ability to understand yourself is unmatched by any other type, and you have the ability to come out on top because you know when to stop yourself right before you can really ruin your life with unchecked feelings. Keep persevering through the conflict — a lot of people shut down when it comes to emotional trauma, but you are excellent at maintaining a sunny disposition and accepting the occasional rain.


You're sharp. You are able to get how things work instantly, and you're a quick problem solver. You can fix a lot of things, from the broken faucet to the error in computing data. Your brain is like a well-tuned machine, and it helps you in all sorts of social situations too. You'd be a great comedian usually, because your observations about society are usually acerbic but altogether accurate. Always thinking comes in handy when it comes to the best way to handle a social dynamic — don't be cowed by your extroverted feeler counterparts. Your tools are just as valuable to the world.


You're intuitive. Okay yes, there's a lot of "N"s in the Myers-Briggs community, but your powers of perception can be downright mystical. You're able to see the truth in what other people put out there and see a thematic ~flow~ of life in a way others can't. That makes you extra powerful when it comes to interpreting the direction society — or yourself — is going. Embrace it. You're a mystic.


You're hospitable. There are few people that can outmatch you when it comes to thinking of every possible way to care for others. You know how to meet everyone's needs for large groups of people, and you never get tired of it. If anything, it gives you energy to gain. You deserve a pat on the back (and your own spa day).


You're responsible. Some people may flake on their duties, but you're committed to doing the right thing, ISTJ, and often you succeed at it more than you know. You don't back down just because you feel bad one day, and your principled nature means that you can be depended on in a world that can sometimes be very, very out of whack and inconsistent. Your levelheadedness is welcome during those tumultuous times.


You're eager to help. INTPs are full of logical ideas and sometimes judgmental opinions, but all they want is to make sure those musings matter. You're someone with a very big heart that people might not notice all the time because you're not someone who puts a lot of extroversion or feeling into what they do. Nevertheless, you're always someone who wants to help fix things, and your good intent goes a lot further than you think. Don't stop refining your thoughts on the subjects you care about — there are so many people who are eager to hear what you have to say, so you better be ready when they fuss over your brilliant mind!


You're daring. ESTPs will say "yes" to the most daunting of tasks and through your sheer will, you'll get stuff done. You make awesome salespeople because your charisma is unnerving, and you know how to take on any challenge. A lot of people get scared, but you don't let fear hold you back. That's a pretty awesome trait that inspires others around you to be a little braver, too!


You're cheerful and energetic. ESFPs are able to have fun wherever they're at and make the most of their circumstances. Even when you're sad, you don't let yourself stay down for long and know how to pick yourself up easily. Your extroverted sensing means you quickly move on from activity to activity, and you know how to make your energy count when it comes to having fun! Your infectious spirit is something many people count on when they need someone to cheer them up. You're the perfect person for those situations.


You're artistic. Your combination of sensing and feeling means you know how to speak your feelings into existence. Anything you come up with is going to be creative yet tactile — you're not an "N," so you may not express yourself with many words. But many ISFPs know how to make the most original and interesting abstract paintings, and you do best when you can touch your creations. You can funnel your emotions into any outlet you want and have it influence others positively, so definitely make the most of that!


You're a bold leader. You are shameless when it comes to sharing your opinions or taking charge of a situation. While others may worry about what people think, you know it doesn't matter so long as you can make the change you want to in this world. You're a perfect leader in this regard, and you know how to get stuff done even if you're not always well-liked every step of the way. We need fearless generals like you, ENTJ!