What People Find Most Charming About You, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type

by Crystal Duan

In the last few years especially, the internet has been nerding out about the Myers-Briggs personality test, which was made by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs in 1944 based on psychologist Carl Jung's theory of cognitive functions. The test divides humans into 16 types based on four letters that indicate how you prioritize thinking, feeling, sensing and intuition. The logic behind it comes from an exhaustive series of questions, but the basic gist of it is this: you'll be classified as an "E" extrovert or "I" introvert depending on your approach to the world; "N" if you use intuition or "S" if you prefer sensing; "F" if you use feeling or "T" if you defer to logic; and "P" for perceiver or "J" for judging, according to their website.

If you have an idea of what type you may be, you will be happy to know there's also something people find most charming about you based on your Myers-Briggs type. For instance — everyone needs someone good at organizing and executing plans (ESTJ), and everyone also needs someone more spontaneous with finding original new ideas with which to organize the world (ENTP). Each type obviously has different weaknesses and strengths, but one thing's for sure: we're all unique in our own ways, and different types entail different ways of appreciating that.

So read on to find out what makes you irreplaceable to others:


You care about including everyone. ENFJs are highly perceptive to social hierarchies, but have the big hearts capable to make sure everyone's included. With a lot of extroverted feeling in you, you're very sensitive to inequality and want to make sure everyone is treated with respect. If someone on the shyer side lands in the same group as you, they're guaranteed to be noticed and validated — and that makes you such a refreshing presence to be around.


You take charge. Introvert? You? No way. You're not afraid to play a little rough and tell others the blunt truth to get the job done, and trust us, more people are grateful for that than you'd realize. Others feel relieved when they're on a group project with you because you don't let things slip through the cracks. You will implement the vision and are an ace at reaching any goals you set. You were born to run something, and the people appreciate your logic and ability to direct them. Not all of us have our shiz as together as you do!


You're always curious. Need to feel special? Let an ENFP meet that need. You're the sort of friend who's always able to make someone feel like the most interesting person in the world. People are drawn to your contagious zest for making the most out of life. You can take a mundane conversation into a super philosophical conversation, or crack the wittiest existential, zany jokes that can make anyone's day. You're a one-of-a-kind optimist, and don't be afraid to show off your quirks. You wear them loud and proud!


You're always able to think outside the box. ENTPs are the most "openminded" because they are skeptical of basically anything. But your extroversion also means you'll explore all the ideas out there until you can choose the ones that make the most sense. This quality makes you the best critical thinker, and people flock to you when they need a nuanced hot take on things. Where would we be without the ENTPs innovating new, unheard-of solutions to our world's issues? That's you!


You're dependable. You have a memory for all the details anyone could humanly remember. Similar to an ENTJ, you also know how to take charge, but you're the person who can critique a vision and make sure people slooooow down before they get ahead of themselves. Your instinct is to go bit by bit and piece together all the steps to get to where you need to be. You take care of all the sensory aspects others might forget, and are precise about how to reach your end goal. Anyone who works with you will feel supported (logically), and your reliability and sense of duty help people relax when it comes to getting stuff done.


You're hospitable and perceptive. ESFJs will always be taking care of your sensory needs, whether it's perceiving if you're going to need a jacket with the winter chill or if you'll be hungry because you just got home from a long day. You're always thinking about others in the most practical way possible, and an ace at taking care of them. You're such a parental type that anyone around you is going to feel at ease that someone's looking out for them. That special someone is you!


You're bonkers fun. An ESFP is always down for a good time. Your extroverted sensing means if anyone ever needs a fun night out, you'll be the one who can deliver. Whether it's going to a chill bar and people-watching (you make the funniest comments about human interaction) or having endless energy to dance the night away, you are a revitalizing ball of enthusiasm. Others find it infectious. You're a star!


You're always up for a challenge. ESTPs won't back down when things get physically rough, and that's why they make great coaches. If your friend needs someone willing to go on a daredevil stint, like traversing a mountain, or want to try a new exercise class, they'll definitely need an ESTP to help support them. You're very in tune with the physical world and have the warmheartedness to boot, so people always have a sense of adventure in your presence. You certainly have your share of interesting experiences too!


You always have something new that you read to add to a discussion. INTPs' brains are wired very logically and creatively, so you are able to interact with lots of ideas and add a perspective. You may spend a lot of time ruminating on what your views of the world are and reading too, so you always have something others might not have heard of to add. Don't be afraid to talk about that like your extroverted ENTP counterparts! When you share things and come out of your introverted thinking shell, you'd be surprised by how much people appreciate that. That's all because of you and your excellent logically-wired memory.


You're the dreamer that reminds people of their authentic feelings. You know how to think about life in the best possible light — from the viewpoint of your dreams. INFP, your imagination is unprecedented, and don't you ever forget it. All of the magical worlds you come up with are real enough to you because they make you brave in this one. Sometimes, other people need to remember there's magic out there, and you're the absolute best reminder of that. Don't be discouraged — your hopes and dreams inspire others more than you may know.


You're not judgmental. ISFPs are the sorts of people who will always accept others' experiences without invalidating them. You're a cuddly, zen and soothing presence, and you'd be surprised at how few people are like that. Your introverted feeling doesn't take up space — you just see the world in all its glory and kindness, and you don't let others dim that light, either! All the more reason for people to cherish the one who illuminates their darkness.


You're handy at figuring anything out. ISTPs are extremely useful at untying knots and fixing up things. You may not be someone who naturally likes tools, but you're never caught off guard when it comes to the sensory world. People want someone who's always thinking on their feet and has fast reflexes — especially someone like you, who is always up to helping figure things out for the sake of a friend.


You're a good listener. Your hospitable extroverted counterpart is the ESFJ, and while you have similar perceptive qualities about people's needs, you're also more slow to act. You'll really tune in to diagnose what someone needs, and subsequently give it to them after. You're the perfect sort of compassionate caretaker and partner, and people gravitate toward your warmth.


You can stay calm no matter the situation. Your levelheadedness is appreciated. When push comes to shove, an ISTJ won't let their emotions get in the way. You'll be cool when things get rough and quickly work to find the solution. Many more anxious people might get thrown off, but you know how to push past that for the greater good. So you're a lifesaver, in other words!


You're observant and able to see through anyone. INFJs have introverted intuition, which means they can pierce through just about anyone. You are also very compassionate at the same time, but you're constantly scanning your environment to pick up intuitive themes about the people involved. You don't get tricked easily, and this is helpful for when others get worried or worked up. You can point them in the right direction they should look at life, and that's a rare trait not a lot of people have (but want!).


You're a smartass. Your wit is sharper than a sword, INTJ, and you know how to wield it accordingly. You're not going to let yourself believe just anything, and you'll make sure others are also checking their own perceptions. Around you, people are encouraged to consult their logical side when assessing situations, so any friend ranting to you who wants to snap out of their funk is going to feel really relieved to have you around. Chances are, one sharp-tongued (but well-meaning) comment from you is enough to make anyone come back to reality. We all need a check once in a while, and you're the perfect person to administer it. Don't feel too insecure you don't have a lot of extroverted feeling, because sometimes people need to hear the logic!