This Is One Of Jaclyn Hill's Beauty Hacks

If you are a product obsessive, it's a good idea to follow Jaclyn Hill, who is launching an eyeshadow palette collab soon, on social media and not just for access to her tutorials and photos of her artistic makeup looks. It's also good to follow Jaclyn Hill because you may stumble upon some cool, unique beauty tips. Like this one! Hill was responding to her legion of loyal Hillsters on Twitter, revealing that she uses a specific product to remove her makeup once a month and it's actually a common household pantry item. This is one of her secret beauty weapons and it's a hack that won't break the bank.

Hill uses olive oil to remove makeup monthly.

That's a pretty cool trick that's not as head-scratching as it might seem... at least not to me. My Italian grandmother taught me to condition my hair with olive oil. Sure, it takes forever to wash out. But the ends of my strands soak up the moisture in between cuts and the shine is blinding. She also stressed doing so in moderation.

The same principle appears to apply when using olive on your face. It sounds like something Hill utilizes like a monthly ritual or special treat for her skin.

Hill specializes in dramatic, super glamorous makeup looks, which require plenty of products to create. That means she puts her skin through the ringer when applying and removing her makeup. She probably needs a deeply hydrating and restorative treatment like olive oil to soothe her skin every now and again, since removing product can be traumatic to skin if not done carefully.

Here's the screen grab of the makeup diva responding to a Hillster's tweet about employing the kitchen ingredient in her makeup routine. It just sounds like a soothing way to take it all off!

Obviously, you would need to take several things into account if you want to use this tip. First, you need to factor your own skin type into the decision. If you have sensitive or breakout-prone skin, I would recommend using olive oil sparingly. If you have dry skin, don't go crazy. Test a tiny amount to see how your skin reacts before proceeding.

Matthew Eisman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If it irritates your skin, stop using it. You also need to be super careful when using anything around your eyes. If this tip ends up being too greasy or ineffective with you, there's also another trick or hack around the corner, so stay tuned. Not every hack or tip works for everyone!

Images: Jaclyn Hill/Instagram (3)