This Ketchup Cup Hack Is Going Viral & You Will Be So Mad You Didn't Know It Earlier

by Megan Grant

Let me tell you the saddest tale ever: every once in a blue moon, I stop by my local fast food joint and order greasy, salty, delicious, amazing fries. Subsequently, I'm required to use about 300 of those little ketchup cups in order to obtain an adequate amount for my fries. They tip over. They make a mess. I end up with sticky, ketchup-y fingers; and worst yet, I still don't have enough stinkin' ketchup. Well, I have news for you: this hack for using ketchup cups is about to blow your mind and make it easier for you to smother your food is the world's best condiment.

The hack was shared by YouTuber CrazyRussianHacker (real name: Taras Kul). In it, he explains how those annoyingly tiny ketchup cups are truly so much more. When the cups are made, the paper is folded and overlapped in a way that, if you unfold it, you'll find that it makes the cup bigger — which means more ketchup, more happiness. It also means that you don't have to take a dozen cups back to your table, because if you unfold one enough, it carries the same amount of ketchup as two cups.


Watch the full video below.

Simply unfold every other fold or so, and voila — you have a cup that's twice the size. Don't unfold every single layer, though, or you might end up with a sad paper pancake that holds no ketchup, and then you'll cry.

Nearly 14 million views, and I'm still one of the losers complaining about how one ketchup cup is nowhere near enough to satisfy my needs. Where has this hack been my whole life? Kul's hack gets extra bonus points for being so eco-friendly. Using less paper makes Mother Nature a happy gal.

This isn't the only impressive food hack CrazyRussianHacker has shared. He also happens to be an expert at peeling grapefruit — something else in life that leaves many of us disgruntled. Peeling grapefruit is a major pain. It's annoying having to pick at it with your fingers; and sometimes, the juice squirts into your eye and it burns, and then nobody is happy.

Good news! Kul has perfected a special method for not only removing the peel, but getting the fruit out of its own "membrane."

It's just so beautiful.

How about peeling garlic? It's a tedious process that can take so long, you can never get all of the little flakes off the cloves, and your fingers end up smelling disgusting for the next several days. Have no fear — CrazyRussianHacker is here... with four hacks for peeling garlic.

It's his ketchup hack that's truly stolen our hearts, though. Since the beginning of time, ketchup has been testing our patience — tiny cups that just aren't big enough; generic varieties that definitely don't taste the same and always end up being watered down; and trying to figure out how to get that last bit of ketchup out of the bottle, because we can't stand the thought of wasting one precious, sweet, sweet drop.

Thankfully, there's a hack for that last one, too: according to Heinz (the ketchup god), all the answers to your problem lie in the little 57 embossed on the neck of the glass bottles. According to a spokesperson, that's the "sweet spot": "All you need to do is apply a firm tap where the bottle narrows, and the ketchup will come out easier," the spokesperson told the Mirror. With this hack, you can eat more ketchup; and more ketchup is always the answer.

Next time you're out for a meal and some horrible cashier tries to limit your ketchup intake with those BS ketchup cups, remember the CrazyRussianHacker's little trick, and you will prosper.