Kylie Jenner’s Latest Snapchat Is Raising Fans’ Eyebrows About The Baby Rumors Yet Again

by Danielle Jackson
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

At this point, Kardashian-Jenner fanatics should just consider Kylie Jenner's rumored pregnancy a mystery that it's up to them to solve. It's been nearly a month now since the rumor circulated and caused the internet to have a meltdown, but it's beginning to look like people shouldn't hold their breath for the 20-year-old reality star to address it — at least not directly. Still, some fans seem to think that Jenner is dropping hints in her latest Snapchat, which has been a trend for the reality star the past few weeks. (When pregnancy rumors first broke, a rep for Jenner could not be reached by Bustle.)

For instance, Jenner recently posted a Snapchat, where the lip kit queen asked her followers about two phone cases — one pink and one blue. This caused some to question if the photo was actually a subtle gender reveal. "Which one? I'm thinking blue," she captioned the photo, alongside a blue heart. And now, Jenner's latest Snapchat video, showing her lounging poolside at her Calabasas mansion, may be another hint. Or at least her fans sure think so, thanks to the music playing in the background of the video posted Friday.

The song in question is Cigarettes After Sex's "Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby," and the super short selfie video is long enough for fans to hear just those lyrics uttered. The lyrics are also used for the video's caption, just in cast that hint was a little too subtle for her fans to follow.

So there's a possibility that this video could be a subliminal shoutout to Jenner's rumored unborn child, or it really could just be nothing more than than the reality star acknowledging how much she likes this part of the song in particular. Either way, it doesn't seem like giving fans a definite answer about whether or not she's actually expecting her first child is as much of a priority as teasing them is.

Earlier this week, Jenner took to Instagram to share a photo of herself wearing a giant, light blue button-up shirt that some of her millions of followers believe might have been a way to hide a baby bump. Plus, the color choice, again, is noticeably blue — just like the aforementioned phone case.

If you were confused about whether there was any truth to the pregnancy rumors before, you were probably even more confused after you scrolled past that photo. Yes, Jenner is very active on Instagram and probably feels pressure to post something new for her fans every single day, but a photo of her wearing an oversized shirt soon after news broke of her pregnancy seems like a little too much of a coincidence, and it's enough to get people talking.

It's worth nothing that Jenner and the rest of her famous family have been tight-lipped about the issue since the day the news broke, and the only confirmation anyone has received about it so far has been from "sources close to the family." So that means that, even though no one from the Kardashian-Jenner clan has confirmed, denied, or made any attempt to clear the situation up, the rumor and the "clues" that have been dropped recently are still things that can be considered with a grain of salt. Understandably, some social media users still aren't convinced that Jenner is expecting, assuming that she's probably just enjoying the mind games that she gets to play with everyone right now.

Whether you believe the rumors or not, Jenner's Snapchat posts seem just as confusing as they are convincing. But it's still probably safe to say that even if the pregnancy is confirmed or explained somewhere in the near future, we'll probably have to tune in to an extra special episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians to get more info.