This Lamp Shaped Like Tom Riddle's Diary Is The Perfect Bedside Accessory

Spooky season is upon us and for the scaredy cats out there like myself, that means one thing. Avoiding watching horror films at all costs and getting through the Harry Potter series as many times as I can. While Harry Potter is good all year round there’s something a little bit magical about autumn that makes it the perfect time to settle down for the adventures at Hogwarts. You’re never too old to appreciate HP merch and if you’re a fan of Hermoine, Ron, and Harry then keep your eyes peeled. Because now you can buy a lamp shaped like Tom Riddle’s diary. I’ll never forget the chills that ran down my spine the first time I read about Tom Riddle's diary and now you can bring it into your home to light up a room.

From chocolate frogs to golden snitches, you can get your hands on just about anything from the wizarding world of Harry Potter. And if subtle decor is your jam then you need to get your hands on this unique homeware accessory. Or if you’ve got a massive Harry Potter fan in your life and are stuck for what to get them for Christmas, then your look is over.

The LED lamp is selling for £30 on Argos. A beautiful book cover with gold foil print opens up to reveal the light. There’s a magnet so the cover will stick to any metal surface and it’s fully portable and rechargeable.

To say that this lamp has enchanted buyers is an understatement. One person wrote on the Argos website, “my son absolutely loves his book lamp, as a Harry Potter fanatic and a very active reader this was the perfect present.” Another person admitted on Facebook that, despite not being a huge fan of the series, they might still invest in this product. They said, “I saw these earlier I don't even like Harry Potter and I want one.”

Who knew that the Dark Lord's diary would cause such a fuss? And it’s not just Harry Potter lighting that Argos have covered. The retailer is selling the amazing Lego Harry Potter advent calendars in time for the festive season. They also sell a Deathly Hallows projection light, which projects the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Cloak of Invisibility onto your wall. If you’re wanting to get cosy this autumn season, there’s a very Instagram worthy lightning bolt mug along with a cute Harry Potter cushion, to name just a few things. So, you can settle down with a cup of tea in maximum comfort, and with the perfect lighting, as you re-read JK Rowlings tales of the boy who lived.

Whether you’re thinking about the kids in your life or are just an OG fan of Harry Potter and his adventures, this light makes the perfect addition to your room. Unique, cool, and a subtle nod to one of the best book series ever made, it's a must have in any true Potter fan's house.