You Can Get A Six-Foot Tall "Christmas Unicorn" To Decorate This Year

Home Depot's light-up Christmas Unicorn is six feet tall.
Home Depot

Behold, the only legitimate reason I've ever had to set foot in a Home Depot: This "Life Size" Christmas Unicorn that lights up and comes in at a whopping six feet tall. (Home Depot even helpfully, if not a little creepily, includes an image of a six-foot tall shadowed man next to the unicorn to prove it.) It's time to kiss your tired old Santa's reindeer light-up decorations goodbye, because there's a new four-legged magical creature in town, and judging by her impressive specs, she's not here to play.

The unicorn is designed with 160 white LED lights and comes complete with flowing pink hair, an iridescent horn, and magical purple wings. You can set it up both indoors and outdoors, which makes sense, because who wouldn't want to wake up next to six feet of mid-canter magic? Home Depot is selling it for $129, which is admittedly a lot, but is also an investment in reminding your entire neighborhood that you're cooler than they are. If you ddd it to your cart online, you can either pick it up or have it delivered to you, which sounds so much more exciting than the toilet paper I had delivered yesterday.

Words can't really do it justice, so just take a look at it for yourself and try not to tremble in its excellence.

The only way it could get any better is if I could sit on it. (Can I sit on it?) If unicorns are your thing — or if they're just the holiday aesthetic you're hoping to put out in the world this year — you don't have to stop at this six-foot beauty. Here are four more holiday pieces you might enjoy.


Unicorn Tree Topper

How fabulous is your tree going to look this holiday season with this unicorn tree topper? The colors, the glitter, the florals — I do declare, this is much better than your standard star tree topper. Also, I'm going to wear it on my head once I take my tree down. You can't stop me, so don't even try.


Tree Ornament

There are countless unicorn holiday tree ornaments to choose from, and this dream from Crate & Barrel is just one option. You can't be a unicorn lover and not have a themed ornament, after all.


Unicorn Christmas Tree

Tree toppers are nice. Ornaments are great. But what about having an entire unicorn Christmas tree? That's exactly what you get with this colorful creation, available on eBay from standart. Pastels are all the rage right now, and this is almost too good to be true. Take my money!



You're going to need something to hang from the fireplace mantle and store all your stocking stuffers. Stick with the unicorn theme with this precious stocking, which is so cute it borders on upsetting. However you choose to celebrate the holidays this season, here's hoping there's a unicorn involved — whether it's one as teensy as this, or a light-up backyard one taller than most humans you know.