Little Girl Is Never Getting Back Together With Ex

by Lily Feinn

It's been a long five years since Taylor Swift's anthem "We Are Never Getting Back Together" was released, and finally there is new hero on the breakup scene. I don't usually take relationship advice from seven-year-olds, but this little girl who won't get back together with her ex is the perfect inspiration for cutting ties with former beaus. In an age where so many are easily accessible via social media or with a few taps of a smartphone keyboard, on-again off-again relationships have become the norm. It can be difficult to stop yourself from replying to that late night text from an old flame, but according to Twitter's youngest relationship guru, sometimes you just gotta tell them: "No! No! No!!!"

Who is this tiny master of the art of breakups? In a video posted to Twitter by social media maven Nana Jibril, a little girl recounts the story of how she refused to take back her ex — and came out all the better for it. The saga begins when a woman off-screen asks, "So how was school today?" and the little girl launches into her dramatic tale of love and loss. "My boyfriend, right? The one that dumped me? He wants to get back with me and I’m be like, no, no, NO!" The little girl's young friend sits behind her on the couch, emphasizing key parts of the story, and their interactions are impossibly hilarious and adorable.

So what happened next in the most eventful day in elementary school history? The little girl holds a sparkly bracelet close to the camera and explains how once his initial plan failed, her ex attempted to woo her back with jewelry. It's easy to fall back into old painful patterns with an ex... especially when they give you the full court press, but the little girl stayed strong, proclaiming, "I'll take the bracelet, but I won't take you!" The friend chimes in, punctuating the point with an emphatic, "Hold up, hold up, hold up. Say whaaaaaaat?"

We can all learn from this young Twitter star's stern convictions, tenacity and perseverance in the face of of jewelry and apologies. It's clear she will not compromise her self-worth for anything, and that, my friend, is #goals.

Since hitting the Twitterverse on March 27, the brief clip has gone viral, racking up thousands of likes and retweets in less than 24 hours. The video clocks in at just under a minute, but every second is chock full of emotional encouragement and life lessons.

As the little girls saga comes to an end, the voice off camera says, "So you took his bracelet — you know you're gonna have to give that back right?"

I'm not so sure about that ...