This Lucky Charms Milkshake Looks Brilliant

Courtesy of Burger King

Unless you grew up in a strictly sugar-free household, you probably enjoyed the magically delicious taste of Lucky Charms cereal as a kid. Now that we're adults, gone are the days when our parents could dictate when and where we enjoyed the marshmallow-y goodness of our favorite sugary cereal. And if you consider yourself a grown-up cereal fanatic, boy do I have some ~lucky~ news for you: Burger King has launched a Lucky Charms milkshake, so now you can enjoy the oat-and-marshmallow cereal at any time of day, not just breakfast.

The shake — which is super Insta-worthy, might I add — is made of vanilla soft serve, sweet syrup, and of course, Lucky Charms oat cereal with their signature marshmallows. According to foodie Instagram account SoCal Snack Hunters, the shake "tastes exactly like a frozen version of your lucky charms cereal (ground up) in milk." Here's a first look at the Lucky Charms milkshake, which is basically a sugary work of art:

Courtesy of Burger King

If you were one of those kids who picked out all the marshmallows and ignored the more boring half of Lucky Charms, you might have a hard time continuing that tradition, lest your fingers freeze off while you dig for the 'mallows. Either way, the Lucky Charms milkshake is the perfect serving of nostalgia and gives you an excuse to indulge your sweet tooth (not that you need one, because you're an adult now).

The only bad news? The Lucky Charms shake is only available at "participating locations," so you'll have to see for yourself whether your local Burger King is getting in on the magical action. And, like all things too pure for this world, the Lucky Charms shake is available for a limited time only — so shake your tailfeathers and get one before it's too late.