Lush Made A Super Strange ASMR Video & It's Oddly Relaxing

Fan many beauty lovers, Lush Cosmetics is the perfect way to relax and pamper. From bath bombs to massage bars, the ethical, hand-made brand seems to have it all. And now they're helping you relax even more. This Lush ASMR video is the most relaxing YouTube video you'll ever watch. While you may not be familiar with ASMR yet, after this video, you may just be addicted to incredibly popular — but oft not talked about — videos.

If you've never heard of ASMR, it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Basically, it's a fancy way of saying "tingles." If you've ever felt tingles in your neck or head when someone played with your hair or felt lulled into relaxation by someone softly whispering, you may have already experienced ASMR. As it turns out, people are really into YouTube videos that provide ASMR triggers to viewers. Some such videos on the platform have over 7 millions views, with some ASMR creators having over 2 millions followers.

One such ASMR creator is ASMR Darling who recently teamed up with Lush to create a relaxing, product centered video for the brand and some of their most relaxing products. Talk about a great idea, right?

In the video posted to the Lush Cosmetics YouTube page, ASMR Darling focuses on the brand's lavender-infused products which are meant to send you to sleep. If you're a Lushie, you're probably already super familiar with many of them. In fact, one is the Sleepy body lotion, a 2017 best seller for the brand, and a cult classic product among those who love the brand.

Sleepy Body Lotion, $9.95, LUSH

Sleepy, however, isn't the only product that ASMR Darling used to help send people to sleep. The video is basically a shopping list for those looking to relax a bit before bed. From face washes to moisturizers to lotions, there's a bit of everything, and they all contain some form of lavender for relaxation.

If you're looking to shop Lush and try some new goodies, these from the Lush ASMR video may be perfect options.

Angels on Bare Skin

Angels on Bare Skin, Lush

Currently Angels on Bare Skin is sold out online, but it doesn't mean you can't head to a store and grab it. This exfoliating and gentle scrub is perfect for balancing the skin.

Dream Steam

Dream Steam, $2.95, Lush

This affordable goodie releases a gorgeous steam meant to help soothe redness and calm skin. However, it's also equally as great at calming you.

Imperialis Moisturizer

Imperialis Facial Moisturizer, $26.95, Lush

Oily skin? Dry skin? Either way, Imperialis may just be the moisturizer for you. Not only will it help dry skin, but it'll also make sure that oily skin doesn't over do it. Basically, it's the perfect choice if you've been looking for a new moisturizer.

Twilight Bath Bomb

Twilight Bath Bomb, $6.95, Lush

Lush is known for their bath bombs, and it's for good reason. This ultra-soothing lavender scented masterpiece turns your bath water the color of Twilight and features some seriously gorgeous (and environmentally friendly) sparkles.

Twilight Body Spray

Twilight Body Spray, $29.95, Lush

If you do love the scent of the Twilight bath bomb, the Twilight body spray is sure to lull you to sleep with its lavender scent.

Clearly, Lush isn't short of products to help you get some much needed rest. From bath bombs to moisturizers, relaxation seems to be a specialty of the brand. With their Lush ASMR video, even more great sleep is coming your way. Head to your local store or snag products online and take some you time to kick off the first of the year.