This MUA Used Real Flowers As Eyeliner

With a little bit of shadow and liner, it seems like you can create just about any look on your eyelids — from candy canes to floral bouquets. But the creativity goes up a notch when you move away from makeup and use tangible things. That's where the flower eyeliner trend comes in, where MAC artist Ellie Costello thought to use tiny floral sprigs across her eyelids as liner that has come to life. "She has adhered everything from roses to Gipsofila and forget-me-nots on her lids. She even used pink petals and made them faux lashes!" PopSugar reported, highlighting that Costello is clearly ready for — and inspired by — spring. She took one look at her garden and got an amazing idea.

If you can barely glue on fake eyelashes correctly, you might be thinking that this trend might be outside of your depth. However, the beauty of these pretty little clusters is that they don't have to be exact. You can go as wild and messy as you want. If you scroll through Costello's Instagram you'll see there's no wrong way to do it: She uses tiny leaves as liner, rose petals as lashes, and tiny white buds to line her eye crease, so you really can't go wrong!

For example, you can match your shadow to your blooms if you want a cohesive look and palette, giving off a Disney princess vibe with the delicate bunches.

If you rather skip the eyeliner and decorate the crease instead, feel free to adhere Gipsofila (which is baby's breath) along the top of your eye and sweep it out towards your brow.

If you prefer to kohl your under-eyes, delicately adhere petals along the base, contrasting the woodsy look with white mascara. You can also play up the colors in your blooms with contrasting eyeshadow, like she did here with an orange-ish copper.

Or if you don't have tiny flowers handy in your backyard or garden, you can always use leaves to create a fairy-like eye.

If you would rather deal with petals than tiny flowers, you can also create a geometric line across your lid like she rid here with rose petals.

While it's true that the look can't last too long thanks to the real flowers drying out, it's still a fun idea to get artistic with at home. Even if it might not survive a night of dancing, not all makeup needs to go the distance. And if nothing else, this trend is definitely something that makes you happy for the warmer, sunnier weather.