This Viral Reddit Hack For Drying Makeup Brushes Is So Simple, Yet So Brilliant

When you have a makeup addiction, money seems to leave your bank account faster than it stays. From all the new palettes, collabortaions, and innovative new products to try, sometimes you have to get creative and think of cheaper dupes to balance out the spending. That's why this makeup brush drying rack DIY is so brilliant: It uses something you probably have lying around your house, costing you absolutely nothing.

Shared on Reddit under the sub r/MakeupAddiction, the original poster shared how they dry their makeup brushes after washing them. Prior to this hack, they used to use a towel and arrange the damp brushes on the floor, but OP found that messy and annoying. But rather than buying several makeup brush racks, they instead used a foldable drying rack instead.

The specific one they had at home was the Stainless Foldable Drying Rack from The Container Store, and they just popped it over their kitchen sink and let their brushes air dry that way. This meant that they weren't on the floor and getting underfoot, but rather in one tidy spot in the kitchen.

"Using a foldable drying rack to dry my brushes! I wish I thought of this sooner!" they captioned their post. "I always got really frustrated laying all my brushes out on a towel on the floor and this makes it so much easier!"

The fact that it's foldable is a bonus as well, because once your brushes are dry and ready to be stowed back into your makeup bag, you can just fold up the rack and put it away for next time. It takes up no room, and helps you stay organized.

If you don't have a drying rack like this at home, some more suggestions were shared in an effort to help you hack this problem without spending a dime. One commentor suggested using a baking rack that could act like a makeshift drying rack. Another person shared a tip they saw previously, posting an inventive photo of tying brushes onto a towel rack with hair ties, letting them air dry while hanging upside down so the wood doesn't warp or glue disintegrate.

To give you even more ideas on how to dry your brushes, check out the innovative DIYs ahead.

1. Add A Fan Into The Setup

If you try the trick where you fasten your brushes onto a bar with hair ties, speed up the drying process along by also including a fan underneath.

2. Attach Them To A Hanger

As long as you have a hanger in your house, you can pull this DIY off. It's basically the same concept as using a bar, just with plastic hangers.

3. Use A Tool Bar Organizer

Hop into the Dollar Store and pick up a tool organizer bar for a couple of quarters. Then, rather than sticking hammers and screwdrivers into the loops, squeeze your brushes into the spaces between the loops to let them dry. To hang up the bar, take two suction hooks and place it in your shower, letting it drip dry into the tub.

4. Foam Pipe Drying Rack

Buy a foam pipe from the Dollar Store, and attach it to the side of a bin. Cut slits into it so you can wedge your brushes into the pipe, and you have yourself a drying rack!

5. Cupcake Stand DIY

Taking a cupcake stand, this beauty vlogger sewed elastic bands onto one of the tiers to create loops to hang her brushes from. If you have an extra cupcake stand lying around that you don't really use too often, this would be a great way to get some more use out of it.

Whether you use a drying rack or hang your brushes from a bar, you don't have to spend a dime to get your brushes clean. Cosmetic hacks for the win!