This Beauty Sponge Blunder Is Hilarious & Gross

by Augusta Statz
Courtesy beautyblender

We all have one of those days from time to time, but this man’s unfortunate mix-up will have you feeling like you’re really on the ball, even at your worst. A man posted about this most unfortunate event on Twitter, and I’m just going to warn you in advance — this is pretty gross, you guys. A man drank dirty water from cleaning a beautyblender because he thought that it was tea, according to Allure.

I'm guessing he realized exactly what he’d done when he first noticed the makeup sponge floating in the water. Like I said, eww. So, to all of the brothers (and really anyone) out there — be careful what you drink. Because cleaning a beautyblender is serious business, and you never know when it could take place — or what mug your sibling/partner/friend's favorite beauty applicator could be lurking in.

It just so happens that this actually isn’t the first time someone has reported a mishap involving tea and makeup sponges. A simple search on Twitter reveals that plenty of people have either dropped or lost their makeup applicator sponges in their tea. Ask the Internet, and you shall receive. Let’s take a look at some of these hilarious beauty blunders, shall we?

Let's hope this never happens to you.

Moral of the story? Never drink tea that you find lying around.

1. Good Morning

"How's your morning?" It's off to a great start, in fact.

2. Whatever Works

Hey, if it works, it works. Right?

3. Intentional

Sometimes dunking your beautyblender in your beverage isn't even an accident.

4. Early Morning

Sleep deprivation is never good for your beauty routine.

5. Love Tea

People love this drink, but maybe not that much.

6. Tuesday

Yep, that's what Tuesdays are for.

7. Surprise!

How does this even happen?

8. Ruined

TFW you pause your makeup to wash your beautyblender and fix a new cup of tea.

9. That Kind Of Day

Say no more.

10. Lost & Found

Look on the bright side, at least it's been found!

11. Not Even Mad

You reach a point when it's just whatevs. Besides, certain types of teas are supposed to be great for the skin. Maybe this is one of those good kind of problems, you know what I mean?