This ‘Masked Singer’ Sneak Peek Drops A Major Clue About The Monster

Michael Becker / Fox

You wouldn't think a singing competition could drum up such wild theories and fan speculation, but that's precisely what Fox's new reality series The Masked Singer continues to do each and every week. Viewers are dying to know who's hiding behind those costumes, however, the one person in particular who has garnered a lot of audience attention is the Monster. And now, thanks to a new sneak peek, the Masked Singer Monster theories are starting to narrow down. In fact, the clip might have some fans wondering if the Masked Singer Monster is Corbin Bleu — and there's a very interesting reason behind that theory.

Since the start of the season, each performer has been tasked with not only singing a song for the judges, but also providing various clues about their identity to help make the predictions a bit easier. Thus far, the Monster has revealed that he's male and is dressed up as a monster because that's what society has called him in the past. He also said that he was at the top of his game but when the game decided to turn on him, he retreated into a cave to take a break from the spotlight. But now this show is his chance to show the world who he really is by way of his vocal talents, even if he's not considered to be a professional singer "to everyone."

But now there's a new piece of information that can be added to the pile of growing clues thanks to this sneak peek of Wednesday's brand new episode.

"I like to keep my head in the game," the Monster can be seen telling the celebrity panel of judges in the teaser. Many of them take the clue quite literally, assuming that this means the person inside the costume is an athlete. (Robin Thicke guessed it could recently retired New York Yankee, Derek Jeter.) However, Nicole Scherzinger didn't take the comment at as much face value, thinking that the Monster is so light on his feet that he could be a Broadway star or comedian. Can anyone think of a Broadway performer known for keeping "his head in the game?"

E! News was quick to recall Bleu's breakout role in in High School Musical where he starred as Chad Danforth, which just so happened to include a musical number "Get'cha Head In The Game." Is it possible the Monster's phrasing was meant to be a subtle nod to this particular scene?

Granted, there are a few hiccups in this assumption — like the fact that Bleu has never seemingly done anything to label himself as a "monster," so it's possible it won't end up being him after all. But you have to admit, it makes for a very interesting prediction.

Bleu isn't the only guess to come from the fans, though. Some think the Monster sounds like wrestler Chris Jericho, while others are convinced it's CeeLo Green or rapper T-Pain or even Seal.

More often than not these clues end up leading to more questions than answers, but that's all part of the fun. Either way, the Monster definitely has the voice to go far in this competition, so odds are he'll be sticking around for a while — regardless of who he ends up being.