This Mesmerizing Seven Braid Tutorial Is Going Viral & It’s Mind Blowing

If you're looking for a little hair inspiration, look no further. As Teen Vogue found, YouTuber Camelia Katoozian created a seven-strand braid that will leave you mesmerized. The video has 3 million views on Instagram, and for a good reason. Once you see how this YouTuber masters the look, you'll want to brush up on your own braiding skills.

Every so often, the braid comes back into trend. Kim K did it with her classic boxer braids and now Katoozian is doing the same with her seven-strand braids. Yes, you read that right. She takes seven different strands of hair and weaves them into one incredible braid. The style is a fresh take on a braid and is actually surprisingly easy to recreate.

The video shows the YouTuber splitting her hair into sections and braiding them individually, before weaving them together using the remaining hair. She then splits her bangs into two sections, braids one and tucks it behind her ear, and leaves the other half as bangs. If my calculations are correct, that's four braids in one look.

It has gotten a whopping 3 million views on Instagram in just three days. As soon as you see it, you'll know exactly why. Katoozian makes the hairstyle look so easy.

Although Katoozian does have a YouTube page, with 105,000 subscribers, she does all of her hair looks for fun. Although I'm willing to bet that she could easily make hair a full-time gig if she really wanted to. As you can see from her seven-strand braid creation, she has enough creativity and talent to make you want to book a session.

The best part is that she gets inspiration from her own hair. She has thick hair, which is what led to her putting so many locks into action. But the seven-strand braid actually came by accident.

"I find my inspiration when I'm in my room playing with my hair and discover new ways to style hair through boredom," Katoozian tells Bustle.

This is what you call a happy accident. The most incredible part is that she gives the entire tutorial that, according to the comment section, people have already recreated without even saying a word.

This is only the beginning of hair inspiration on her feed, though. The YouTuber has created everything from double braid low space buns and four-strand pigtail braids to faux bangs and top knots. No matter how thick or thin your hair is, there's a tutorial for you.

Katoozian also gives some awesome beauty advice as well. She's got winged eyeliner tutorials and even hack on how to conceal under eyes. Oh, and she also cut off a foot of hair on her Instagram page as well. Basically, there's never a dull moment if you're following this YouTuber.

Although she only uploads on her channel about once every month, the videos are just as great as on her Instagram. After just nine months working on her channel, she's definitely off to a great start on all of her social media sites. She curls her hair with fidget spinners and gives tips on how to grow your hair as well. You know, so you have enough to put into the seven strands you need to braid.

All jokes aside, Katoozian shows just how easy it is to make a traditional look fresh again. She's only been doing tutorials now for nine months and she's already going viral for her talent. There's no telling what else is to come from the Instagram stylist. Who knows, maybe a 10-braid style is on the way.