This Pastel Minnie Mouse Pool Float Is Summer Goals For A Grownup Disney Fan


If your plans for the warmer months exclusively include lounging poolside then prepare to fulfill that agenda ~in style~. The Minnie Mouse pool float from Primark is the cutest accessory of summer, and a serious must-have — it brings the "happiest place on Earth" to the happiest place in your backyard. So even if you can't make it to Disney World on summer break, you can still take a break with Disney.

Once the sun actually poke out of the sky for the summer, pools around the world get spruced up for a season of swan dives, casual dips, and all-day floating. It's a coveted time of the year and should be taken advantage of the fullest. Thankfully Primark has provided the perfect, cutest pool float for one.

Picture you and Minnie Mouse floating from the shallow end to the deep end for hours. The design of the Minnie Mouse pool float makes it easy to stay in the pool for as long as the sun is up. The inflatable float is shaped as a ring with two plush ears to complete the Minnie Mouse make up. It's colored with very inviting pink and white stripes, and completed with a green polka dot bow. So, sure, while you can simply enjoy the comforts of a typical ring float, the experience is now amplified with extra floats. Perfect for the ultimate lounging situation.

The Minnie Mouse Swim Ring is available at Primark, a retailer specializing in affordable clothing for women, men and kids. Primark also has products in home and beauty available. The retailer is based in the UK and Europe, but has a few locations in the U.S. Trust me when I say that it is worth making the time — or arranging an actual trip overseas — to visit to one of their locations! I'm sorry to report that you'll have to head overseas in order to get your hands on this float, which retails for $11.35 once converted from the £10 it's marked as on the Primark website, which ships in the UK. That trip to the nearest Primark store is sounding quite worth it now, isn't it?

This summer is shaping up to be yet another glorious year of pool floats. While ginormous swans aren't exactly a new addition to the pool, more stylish and unique floats are beginning to debut, even this early in the year. And Disney is getting in on the action. Which is welcomed, because ... Disney.

In fact, with this latest one, forget flying — you can actually float on a magic carpet. Take yourself on a magic carpet float with this inflatable carpet modeled after Aladdin's famous ride from Oh My Disney.

Need a bit more room to show someone the world? If you're hoping for something just as magical, but with the space for five of your closet friends, there's the Funboy Giant Rainbow Cloud Island float fit for six and all your refreshments.

No matter if you're floating on Minnie Mouse, a magic carpet or an inflatable private island, there's a float for everyone this summer. Let the lounging commence!