This Mom Mistook A Dead Fly For False Lashes & The Photo Is Horrifying

by Eliza Florendo
Getty Images/@MCreativeCakes/Twitter

I think the makeup world can agree on this next statement — putting on false eyelashes is a struggle, especially for beginners. There always seems to be an issue when trying to apply them, but whatever problem you had, it's not as bad as this one woman's case. A mom mistook a dead fly for false lashes and the photo will make your skin crawl. Yes, you read that correctly — a woman actually almost put on a dead fly. On her lash line.

On July 29, Twitter user Molly Robbins tweeted a photo of false eyelashes next to a dead fly with the caption "Text from mum - having trouble sticking lashes on without her glasses.. turns out she was trying to glue a dead fly to her eyelid. I'm out." Yeah, pretty sure anyone would be out in this situation, especially the woman who was attempting to put the actual fly on her eyelash.

This is a pretty good case wearing contact lenses while applying fake eyelashes, or even getting Lasik. Literally anything but putting a dead fly on your lash line.

Just a quick Google search for how to put on false lashes will give you 1.1 million responses, most of them outlining the struggles of putting them on. There's so many issues that can come up — like finicky glue, shaky hands, individual lashes clumping together, etc. But mistaking a dead fly for an eyelash? That's definitely never happened before.

The photo has been retweeted 20K times and liked 60K times, which means the rest of the world is horrified, too.

This kitty is cute. This situation is not.

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Screaming is right. Screaming for help.

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Please kids, don't try this at home.

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But some are actually skeptical of this story, claiming it's a total fake.

With 35 loves, it seems that some may agree.

Yes? No? It could go either way...

The term "fake news" has been thrown around like crazy this past year, especially when it comes to viral stories like this on Twitter and Instagram. But whether this story is real or not, one thing's for sure: It's certainly an uncomfortable situation, and the photo will forever be ingrained in the memory of those who have seen it.

Beauty lovers, beware: Always keep your glasses close by.