This Mom's Text Reactions To Beyoncé's Coachella Performance Are Too Pure For This World

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Natparkss/Twitter

It's been a few days, but audiences are still recuperating from the slayage that was Beychella, or possibly the greatest performance of all time. On Saturday night, Beyoncé took the stage at Coachella and instantly made history with her two-hour set. In it, she reunited with Destiny's Child, brought Solange and JAY-Z to the stage, hit 26 songs, had multiple costume changes, featured a massive live marching band, and paid tribute to black colleges and Greek life. There's so much to take in from the legendary set, and luckily, texts from this mom to her daughter about Beychella serve as a totally endearing summary.

On Sunday, Twitter user @natparkss posted a four-page screenshot of texts from her mom, who was reacting to Bey's performance in real time. As captured in the screenshots, it was an overwhelming experience, and those who watched it were changed forever and simply floored. This committed mom wrote about 25 texts to her daughter, some longer than others, to express just what was happening before her daughter even responded saying she'd have to find and watch the performance online.

Like everyone else watching, this mom was blown away by Bey's theatrical presence. "When she smiles, she's SO BEAUTIFUL! And when she gives that mad look, I'm scared! I hope she beat up Jay z!" she wrote, probably referring to Beyoncé's "Sorry," which calls out JAY-Z's rumored infidelity, which he later admitted to in interviews.

The performance understandably led to a rollercoaster of emotions, but she's probably a changed woman now. "I didn't know how to feel bc I was so overwhelmed THE WHOLE TIME. I may never be the same!!" the text read. And in the truest mom fashion, she was a tad skeptical of Bey's revealing costume. "Her voice is amazing but her shorts are a little small. She has a lot of naughty moves that make me uncomfortable lol," she wrote. Most relatable mom text of the year — and possibly ever.

The only thing Twitter may love as much as Bey's performance is this string of texts. This user pointed out the thorough and spot-on summary:

Another showed their adoration for this hilarious mom:

The BeyHive has proudly gone from slaying to stanning.

Because a star has been born:

And to those wondering, the overstimulated mom finally fell asleep after what she'd witnessed. "Thank God i made it through the night! I finally fell asleep. My head was spinning! I am so dramatic," she wrote. Not dramatic at all, but totally understandable. Further, the Twitter user finally got around to watching the performance after her mom's dazzling recommendation and the two discussed.

Although this performance has been deemed once-in-a-lifetime, fans may have forgotten that holy Bey will rise and perform again during Coachella's second weekend. Rest assured that this devoted mom is counting the minutes.

While details of the next performance are obviously being kept under wraps, a behind-the-scenes photo suggests Bey will sing a new set, including "Upgrade U,” “End of Time,” “Bills Bills Bills,” “6 Inch,” and “Cater 2 U.” Will Bey continue the theme of black excellence and education from her first performance? Will there be a live Beyonce Alpha Knowles initiation? Will there be more surprise performers who join her on stage?

There's so much that fans are dying to see and now that Bey set the bar, it's understandable to wonder how the hell Saturday's performance will be topped. But there's a twist this coming Saturday, and it may provide for a bit of torture for fans and this famous Twitter mom. Beyonce's second Coachella performance reportedly won't be live-streamed. It's a crushing blow, yes, but where there's a will, there's a way. And hopefully this mom will pull through to watch Bey in action, even if it means transporting to Palm Springs herself.