Do You Remember This *NSYNC Star’s Nickelodeon Cameo?

by Kristie Rohwedder

Hope you are ready to let some nostalgia wash over you like a cup of Listerine washes over 32 shiny teeth, because we're about to revisit a special TV show cameo that happened in ‘00s. Remember when *NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick had a recurring role on The Fairly OddParents? Yes, yes, yes, here we go back to some early episodes of The Fairly OddParents, because this *NSYNC star's performance has got the flow.

The same year the “It’s Gonna Be Me” quintet decided to go on “hiatus,” Kirkpatrick was cast as Chip Skylark III, The Fairly OddParents' teeth-obsessed singer. Yes, once upon a time, the real-life pop star played a cartoon pop star who wound up pals with the godson of two fairies. Oh, and Kirkpatrick sang on the animated series, too. Nickelodeon, when you are good, you are so good.

During his time on the cartoon, the Sharknado 3 star performed Fairly OddParents original tunes “Find Your Voice, “Icky Vicky,” “Happy Birthday Timmy,” and, of course, “My Shiny Teeth and Me.” No disrespect meant to any of his other jams, but “My Shiny Teeth and Me” is the highlight of Chip Skylark’s catalog. It is an un-dental-niable bop that sparkles like the chompers of which he sings.

As wonderful as it would be to find, say, a video of Kirkpatrick recording the song in the studio, that doesn’t appear to exist on the internet. Instead, here is one fan’s lovely tribute set to Chip Skylark’s hit:

A detail that’d slipped my mind until today: Timmy and Chip’s friendship came into existence only after Timmy wished that something terrible would happen to Chip because Timmy was mad that Chip’s concert interfered with his birthday. Cosmo and Wanda took Timmy's request and ran with it until Chip ended up a prisoner of Vicky the evil babysitter. Zoinks. Oh, and in another episode, Timmy went all Ursula the sea witch and stole Chip’s voice right before Chip was supposed to belt out the anthem at a baseball game. Zoinks, again. Way to be an obtuse rubber goose, Timmy. Frankly, it's a green moose, guava juice miracle that you and Chip remained buddies for so many years.