This Maxine Waters Tweet On Being Alone With Trump Is Chilling

by Joseph D. Lyons
Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In the opening statement of his testimony Thursday, James Comey will outline his many one-on-one meetings with President Trump. The picture Comey paints is detailed and extremely serious — and the claims do not make Trump look good, to put it lightly. But one California Democrat added some context to really tick the president off — and on his favorite medium, Twitter, no less. Rep. Maxine Waters tweeted about being alone with Trump, explaining how women must feel.

She wrote on Wednesday, "So Comey told Jeff Sessions he didn’t want to be alone with Trump. Women across the country can relate."

Not exactly the kind of attention Trump would like on Twitter, especially after the many accusations of sexual assault — the president has adamantly denied these accusations and has described them as "fake news" — as well as the taped conversation that leaked during the campaign in which Trump brags about grabbing women by the genitals. You know, the "locker room talk" he engaged in at work. So on and so forth.

This came up because the Senate Intelligence Committee published Comey's prepared testimony, in which he will speak at length about being alone with Trump. Comey has said that he found such encounters uncomfortable to the point that he began "creating written records immediately after one-on-one conversations with Mr. Trump," and explained that this became his "practice" after their earliest meetings.

"This had not been my practice in the past. I spoke alone with President Obama twice in person (and never on the phone)"; with Trump there were nine one-on-one interactions.

The exact comment that Waters is commenting on is striking on its own. Comey was describing a conversation with Attorney General Jeff Sessions that occurred just after Comey was left alone with the president:

I took the opportunity to implore the Attorney General to prevent any future direct communication between the President and me. I told the AG that what had just happened — him being asked to leave while the FBI Director, who reports to the AG, remained behind — was inappropriate and should never happen. He did not reply.

Trump has not responded to the tweet directly.

As of Thursday morning the tweet was retweeted more than 40,000 times and liked by some 120,000 Twitter users. You can see why.

Waters has been one of the most vocal members of Congress responding to Trump and his policies. In response, she has become the target of Trump supporters, and even fake news: a parody Twitter account has been used to share stories on tweets that Waters did not write, in an effort to amass opposition to the longtime congresswoman.

This tweet, though, shows she's likely to continue unabated. And with tweets like this, be grateful.