This Room Service For Books Will Make You Want To Visit Paris ASAP

Have you planned your next vacation yet? If you have the time and the money, you might consider spending the summer in France, because a room service for books is available in this Paris hotel. Sure to become the ultimate in book-nerd destinations, Le Pavillon des Lettres provides each guest with hand-picked reading material for the duration of their stay.

Located in Paris' eighth arrondissement, Le Pavillon des Lettres has 26 guest rooms, each of which is named for a famous writer or character. Lending their names to rooms are Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Baudelaire, Gustave Flaubert, Victor Hugo, William Shakespeare, Voltaire, Virginia Woolf, and Émile Zola. According to the announcement about the Paris hotel's room service for books, "each room at Pavillon des Lettres holds its writer integral to the design, with lines from poetry, prose and novels inscribed on the walls."

If you plan to stay at Les Pavillon des Lettres, be sure to book your room early. Smaller accommodations for one or two people are available for less than €200 per night, but vacationers snatch them up quickly. And with the press attention that the hotel's room service for books has garnered, you can expect any room at Les Pavillon des Lettres to soon be in high demand.

No matter what you enjoy reading, Les Pavillon des Lettres' room service for books will be able to match you up with a great title. With books on Parisian style and photography tomes that take you on a trip through France, the hotel library has you covered if you just want to read something that will tie into your latest excursion. Of course, the hotel also houses fiction titles written by the authors to whom its rooms are dedicated, so you won't be left out in the cold if a great novel is what you are after.

Oh, and you shouldn't worry if you can't speak French. Les Pavillon des Lettres also offers in-room French instruction, thanks to a partnership with the French à la Carte tutoring service. With prices starting at €330 per night, the "Parlez-vous Français?" package brings a tutor directly to you for a 2-hour session, so that you can pick up some handy phrases to help you navigate Paris. You have to book these packages at least one week in advance, however, so jump on it if you are interested in learning French in France.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be booking my next vacation ASAP.