This New 'Peaky Blinders' Teaser Is Literally Explosive & TBH, I'm Worried For Tommy

BBC / Youtube

As a welcome to the new year, the BBC has begun to tease and celebrate the upcoming lineup of dramas which will be broadcast throughout 2019. In a recently released trailer from the broadcaster, an array of sneak previews from show's including Call The Midwife, Luther, Poldark and Killing Eve were revealed — and those awaiting the return of their favourite Brummie gangsters were treated to a clip from Peaky Blinders Series 5.

As reported by Digital Spy, the BBC crime drama is set to air sometime in 2019, with Cillian Murphy returning to the role of Tommy Shelby. In the new series, Shelby will take on his most intimidating rival yet, when he engages in the world of politics with a vision to change Britain forever. In addition to Murphy's return, Peaky Blinders will welcome to it's cast The Hunger Games star, Sam Claflin, as well as The Witch actress Anya Taylor-Joy, and Emmett J Scanlan of Hollyoaks fame. A fifth outing of the hit drama was confirmed by the BBC back in December 2017, and according to the Radio Times, we could be welcoming back the Shelby gang as early as Spring 2019. The next series will see the Blinders broadcast on a new home, as the show will now be aired on BBC One, as opposed to previously being aired on BBC Two.

When explaining the reason for the channel switch, Charlotte Moore, the Director of BBC Content, said "Peaky Blinders is world class drama at the top of its game and the time has arrived for it to move to the UK's biggest channel. Steven Knight’s epic storytelling is authentic and utterly compelling and I want to give it the chance to be enjoyed by an even broader audience on BBC One," and continued "We couldn’t have asked for a better response to series four and the impact it had with young audiences. This move will also give BBC Two more creative headroom to experiment with new drama."

One cast member who won't be returning to the new series is Tom Hardy, who's character Alfie Solomons was killed in the season four finale. As well as this bombshell coming as a surprise to viewers, members of the Peaky Blinders cast were also shocked to learn the fate of Solomons. Speaking to Digital Spy, Paul Anderson said that he "didn’t know it was coming," and continued "We were unsure, it was up for debate and discussion. I know that Tom didn’t want to go."

As previously reported, the new series will see leading man Shelby enter the world of politics, and although we won't be seeing Prime Minister Shelby just yet, his new found political influence will certainly play a role in the upcoming storylines. Speaking to the Metro, Anderson explained how the series five plot will effect the dynamic of the characters. He said: "What it gives Arthur and his family is more power. Tommy is in a position of power, and he can only get stronger in that position. We’ll all have more cover, more opportunity and more protection. Becoming an MP is just Tommy expanding his empire – his ambition is to have power in a lot of areas and that’s just another extension of his power."