This Penny Eyeliner Hack Actually Works — VIDEO

Tim Boyle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A penny for your thoughts? How about instead? Yes, I mean that literally. The vlogger who goes by the "MercedesBenssz" handle is one of my fave Internet makeup artists to follow on Instagram. That's because she is so inventive and creative with her eyeliner hacks, like . Seriously, throw her a follow, since her feed is filled with so many clever ways to do the cat eye flick with assists from household items, like an iPhone charger cord. Yes, really!

As for her penny hack? It looks like it works perfectly.

She partially painted the perimeter of the penny with liquid eyeliner and then pressed it into her skin to create a guide. At first, I was like, "Since a penny is round, it might be difficult to get the proper shape!"

But it appears really manageable and helps you draw the line carefully, precisely, and super close to the lashline.

As always, I recommend proceeding with extreme caution when using anything near the eye or the general eye area, especially when it's something that was not intended for use in this sensitive, precious region. Protect your eyes, people!

mercedesbenssz Instagram

The rounded penny does seem like a fit for creating a wing when you view it from this vantage point. Also, you should utilize baby shampoo or something that won't be too harsh on skin to clean the penny and let it dry thoroughly before placing it near your eye, since money changes hands so often and it picks up lots of germs and junk. So proceed with caution and carefully if you use a coin in the eye area.

The thin edge lets you stay close to the lash line. "I came up with this hack because of the shape of the penny and how easy it would be to map out to create a consistent liner," the vlogger told Bustle via email. "I know it seems silly, like really? A penny? Yes! When I say that finding unique ways to give the perfect eyeliner is my niche, I will do what it takes for others to be able to achieve nice winged eyeliner. I like to say if you don't go out there and at least try it, how will you know something works? This lucky penny just seemed to do the trick."

mercedesbenssz Instagram

I mean, it really does look like an easy hack, especially for going over the eyelid. She used the penny to apply liner, to create a wing, and to connect the wing and lashline line.

Watch the whole thing here. Again, be careful when using any foreign object this close your precious eyes.