You Can Put Your Dog's Face On This "Dog Mom" Mug & It's Just TOO MUCH

The thing about dogs is that they are perfect. This is a scientific fact based on seeing even one dog in real life. So, who among us wouldn’t want to see the perfect face of our beloved doggo on every place humanly possible? For those of you who also can’t get enough of your furry companion, the internet has a fix just for you: personalized mugs with your dog’s face on it. It’s your dog’s sweet, wonderful snoot on a mug you can drink out of. What isn’t to love?

Etsy shop Love Alice Co. has adorably illustrated pups on 11 oz., white ceramic mugs available to buy with your human money. Whether you’ve got a golden retriever, you’re the proud parent of a german shepherd, you’re Team Corgi, or you’re a fan of french bulldogs, there is a dog mug for you.

What if you’re none of the above? No worries because Etsy shop owner Erika Winoto will do a personalized drawing of your pup on a mug. The personalized mugs cost $35, which is a decent amount of money to drop on a mug. However, you’re also getting a personalized illustration of your dog, which is arguably worth more than any human dollars combined.

Mugs with existing illustrations, like the golden retriever or french bulldog, can also be customized with your dog’s name. For a more affordable $15.50, you can own a mug that says “Noodle’s Mom” or “Doggo’s Dad” or whatever your dog’s extremely perfect name is.

Of course, places like Target and Zazzle have allowed you to customize a mug with whatever photo you’d like for a while now. Do what you will with this information, so long as it’s putting a photo of your dog's face on many mugs and giving them away as gifts. While perhaps a more affordable option, it’s tough to complete with the inherent cuteness of your dog as a cartoon, as Love Alice Co. offers.

A few Christmases ago, I gave everyone in my immediate family a different gift with my dog’s face on it. Was it partially a selfish gift? I mean, yes. My dad doesn’t really need socks with my dog’s face on it, and my sister didn’t exactly ask for a sweatshirt with a giant portrait of my dog. But also, my family and the world as a whole should be so blessed to walk around sporting my sweet, dumb-dumb dog’s perfect face on every item of clothing.

Here’s a mug I had made that fully encapsulated the many sides of my dog, Ava.

Let’s say a personalized mug with your dog’s face on it isn’t enough. (Why would it be enough?) Have no fear because we have the technology to put your dog’s face on pretty much anything you can imagine.

One company actually offers customized pajamas with your dog’s face on them. For $179, Patricia’s Couture will put a repeating pattern of your dog’s face on a set of pajamas. All you need to do is upload a picture of your dog’s face, be okay with spending almost $200 on custom pajamas, and also be okay with explaining why you have customized pajamas with your dog’s face on them.

Not enough for your personalized pet product liking? Again, why would it be? You can also get a custom plush pillow in the shape of your pet’s face. With $69 and a clear portrait photo of your dog, Etsy shop Shebbo Design will illustrate your pet’s face and put it on a pillow.

Finally, you can lounge in your personalized dog pajamas, sipping coffee out of your personalized dog mug, while snuggling with both your pet pillow and actual pet. Truly the American pet owner’s dream.