You Can Buy A Beach Towel With Your BFF's Face All Over It

by Isami McCowan

Summer is almost here, meaning that beach getaways are moving closer and closer onto our calendars and horizons. Whether you're planning a solo trip or going with family and friends, it can't hurt to go to the beach in style — you're probably already starting to see brands' newest swimwear and summer accessory lines releasing everywhere. There's one product that truly deserves the spotlight, though: Firebox sells a personalized face beach towel that you can legit cover with pictures of your best friend's face. I think we've located the perfect birthday or friend-iversary gift of 2019.

Firebox's Beach Face Personalized Towel is everything you need to show off your best friend or that special someone, and what better addition to a sandy ocean Instagram shot? The process is pretty simple, too: All you have to do after you've added the product to your cart is upload a picture of the face you want, and Firebox will do the rest. The final result will highlight your friend or loved one's face tiled across a giant beach towel in the coolest design ever.


To make it even better, fashion clearly meets function here. The material of Firebox's beach towel is super advanced, with "fast-drying microfibre weave [that] rolls up super small, taking up as little room in your bag as possible," per the product description. Trying to think of who you should gift this super special towel to? Firebox has some pretty nifty suggestions: "A fab gift for frequent fliers, beach bunnies, gym devotees, fans of the great outdoors, people in small flats, and anyone who can appreciate the humor of wrapping their naked body in the likeness of someone they know." Sounds about right.

The Beach Face Personalized Towel retails for $32.99 and requires five to seven business days for manufacture (this product seriously looks like it's worth the wait). With almost perfect five-star reviews from over 2,000 reviews of the product on Firebox's website, it seems like customers love what they're getting in the mail — no "when you see it online versus when it arrives" disappointment here.

If you're in the market for more unique and picture-worthy personalized products, check out the rest of what Firebox has to offer (trust me, you won't regret it). Some other super cool items on the website worth mentioning include signature Firebox creation Personalised Hot Heads, which are huggable microwave-safe plushes that you can upload faces onto — even one of your dog or cat. They produce soothing lavender aromas, and seem perfect for cozy nights in. "Once you've heated your Hot Head in your microwave for a few minutes, the little wheat bag should stay toasty and warm for a few hours. Perfect for lonely wintry nights. Once it cools down, simply reheat and you're back in the hot-headed game," Firebox explains.

Other honorable mentions include Firebox's Personalized Face Gift Wrap (perfect for giving your pal a shock on their birthday), super chic and well-designed Personalized Letterbox Wine, Personalized Face Socks, and freaky little two-sided cushions that Firebox calls Two Faced Monster Cushions (you can choose a different face for each cushion and turn it around depending on your mood).

The world of personalized gifts is vast — odds are you'll find one that's perfect for you.