You Can Get A Custom T-Shirt Of Your Best Friend’s Head Floating In Space


Sometimes the impacts of the internet are confusing. Indeed, the word wide web has allowed for a whole new level of communication, as well as access to information. But, it has also led to the development of a new strange, inexplicable culture. Have you ever really looked at a meme? They often don't make any sense whatsoever. But somehow it works. The strange meta humor that the internet has made commonplace is everywhere — even on clothing. Case in point: this Etsy shop that lets you get a t-shirt of your best friend's face floating in space. It is the perfect way to say your friendship is ~out of this world~.

The shirt is being sold by the Etsy shop Onyx2000, which specializes in the niche market of faces-on-space clothing. This specific shirt has an all-over background of a galaxy in a night sky, with an image of a face repeated throughout. Since the whole point of the shirt is to personalize it with a photo of your best friend, you have to go through a few extra steps. But it's definitely worth it. Here's how it works: when you place your order, you send Onyx2000 a high-resolution photo of your bestie's face. They will then take the photo and print it all over the garment. Below the listing, the shop owner cautions the final outcome is dependent on the quality of the photograph submitted — so you're going to want to take extra time to ensure the picture is up to par. Also, you need to allow adequate time for the magic to happen. Per the item description, "Designing can take around 24 hours, Avg. production time around 3 days + delivery 1-2 weeks."

Etsy user A. Backer is the mind behind Onyx2000, and they are basically an Etsy master. In the two or so years the shop has been up and running, the shop has made almost one thousand successful sales, and averages a 4.5 out of 5 star satisfaction rating from customers. Other notable items for sale include a politically-charged "I Really Do Care DO U?" t-shirt, and socks that match the bestie in space tee.

If you're all on board with this extremely ~personal~ trend, perhaps you'd be more inclined to snag a sports bra. It's the same thought, but you can keep your devotion a little more concealed than usual.

Guestbookery, a Texas-based retailer specializing in all things personalized and offbeat, created the athletic accessory. It is built like a classic sports bra you would find at any sporting goods store (or yoga boutique). But, this one is personalized and covered with the face of whomever you want it to be. Bras are available in sizes XS to 2XL. Customers have the option of choosing one in white or black, though the primary design on the bra will be the photograph provided, so the color is basically only visible on the lining of the straps and neck.

Guestbookery is also behind the viral faces swimsuit. It comes completely covered in the face of your choice, front and back, and is made from durable, chlorine-resistant fabric, perfect for wearing in the pool. It comes in sizes XS to 3XL and in four-way stretch fabric, so it's sure to provide a comfy fit for every beach body.

Friendship is the greatest gift of all, and one that often does not receive the credit it deserves. Make these final few weeks of summer a celebration with your best buddies, because what else is summer for? Just imagine how cute the Instagram posts will be of you and your bestie wearing shirts displaying each other's faces. Thant's some Broad City-level awesomeness.