You And Your BFF Can Get Matching Swimsuits With Each Other's Faces On Them This Summer

There are a lot of different ways to let your friend know you care about them. You might send them flowers or take them out to dinner. You might even get friendship bracelets or matching tattoos. Maybe, if you're really lucky, they'll buy you a pint of Ben and Jerry's PB and Cookies, undeniably best ice cream to ever exist. But the truth is, those gestures — while well-intentioned — pale in comparison to this ultimate mark of friendship. If you just can't get enough of your BFF, get ready to bestow the truest of all of the honors — because you can now get your BFF's face printed on a swimsuit. It's like a Kimoji explosion for your heart.

That's right, thanks to Guestbookery, you can be beach body ready, which of course means covering yourself in a custom swimsuit made of faces. The swimsuit comes totally covered in the face of your choice, front and back, and is made from chlorine-resistant fabric. And even though it's totally OTT, it's actually a pretty class cut with a scoop neckline and low scoop back, plus a cheeky fit down below. It's really frigging cute. Plus, it comes in sizes XS-3XL and in four-way stretch fabric, so it looks like a comfy fit for all of your beach and pool needs. Pair it with your 15th reading of Harry Potter and a pile of donuts and you're speaking my language. It comes in at $40, which is pretty reasonable considering it's customized and made out of your friend's actual face.

If swimsuits aren't your thing or you're hoping to get this for a gift, don't worry — there are plenty of other options. A quick browse around the seller's shop shows that they can personalize pretty much everything you've ever dreamed of and cover it in faces. They have towels, T-shirts, leggings — even a sports bra, which I have to say I'm totally baffled by. I love my friends, so why would I want any of them to be covered in my boob sweat? They deserve better than that.

My personal favorite was the phone cover, which you can have customized, because imagine pulling out your phone and having your friend seeing dozens of their faces staring back at them. Maybe they'll have a Narcissus moment and a new legend will be born.

Speaking of which, you could also always put your own face on it if you want to live your best Kanye, but I think we should stick with besties for now. If you're not into the faces, it's worth taking a look around the shop and checking out some of their other designs — I stumbled across some Frida Khalo, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and guac-inspired prints — which is pretty much the triad my personality is based on. Well, the triad I wish my personality was based on. The actual triad involves some half eaten Oreos, a trash bag, and a hair tie I can't find.

If you want to get your bestie on even more things, check out this face cookie cutter, these personalized air fresheners, and even these temporary tattoos so you can paste your bestie's face all over your damn body. Because friendship knows no bounds, unless they steal the last slice of pizza.