This Pore Strip Removal Video Is Creepy AF

I'm one of the nearly 2.3 million people subscribed to Dr. Pimple Popper's YouTube channel, and if you're like me, her vids are the most weirdly satisfying things you've ever watched. Which means the ultra close-up pore strip removal video currently going viral on Reddit will be right up your alley, too.

The video was posted on YouTube in July 2016, and thanks to Reddit, it's finally gettings its (totally deserved, IMO) dose of internet fame. It shot to more than two million views after being posted in the terrible/amazing treasure trove that is the /r/popping subreddit.

Pore strips are one of the easiest ways to address an unfortunate blackhead sitch, and since the nose is the most common place for blackheads to set up camp, strips tend to be a staple of blemish-busting kits. But the contentment that comes from peeling strips off my nose and freeing my pores from cloggage is nothing compared to the utter delight that consumes me as I watch this detail vid of what is actually happening when the pore strips come off.

You can see below, in glorious slow-motion, as the strip lifts away, pulling so, so, so many blackheads out, root and all.

And if that's not enough removal action for you, here's a few more vids from YouTube's extensive pimple-popping-related offerings.

One YouTube commenter sums it up perfectly: "This is so gross. But I can't look away."

Gross yet wonderful, my friend. Gross yet wonderful.