This Potato Chip Pool Float Is Selling On Amazon For $10 Right Now

The trend of unique pool floats in all different shapes, sizes, and colors doesn't seem to be dying down anytime soon, and now there is another pool float that enthusiasts might want to get their hands on. A potato chip bag pool float exists, which is great for anyone who has wanted to explore the wide world of fun pool floats, but had not yet found something that suited their chip-loving tastes. The time has come chip devotees. You, too, can now float comfortably on your plastic throne of choice.

This chip bag pool float is nothing fancy. It's not a specific brand of chips. It doesn't have any cup holders. It's not rose gold or Millennial pink or any other hip colors. It's just a flat, primary-colored piece of inflatable plastic that looks like a bag of chips. But, perhaps, the simplicity is what makes it cool. The celebrities can keep their giant swans and the Instagram influencers their $150 butterfly floats, you'll be chilling on your bag of chips.

And you won't have paid a lot for it, either, because it's only $10.88 on Amazon. The float is from a brand called Intex that sells a wide variety of inflatable and water products, including air mattresses, air furniture, above ground pools, and this inflatable hot tub, because apparently that's a thing that exists. (You can also get the chip bag pool float for $16.99 directly from Intex.)

Intex Potato Chip Float, $10.88, Amazon

There are only two reviews of the float on Amazon so far, and they both give five stars and note that the float is bigger than they expected. So, if you do want a chip bag pool float this sounds like a pretty good one.

And if you don't want a chip bag pool float, but are interested in other food-and-drink-shaped pool floats, there are plenty of other options out there.


Avocado Float, $20, Bed Bath & Beyond

The pit doubles as a beach ball! Come on, that's cute.


Rosé Floate, $45, Amazon

For the wine fan, this rosé float is a great choice. And you know it's extra fancy because it's called the Rosé Floaté.


Lilac Donut Intertube Float, S28, Urban Outfitters

It's lavender. It's cute. It has a bite out of it. What more could you want?


Is it a smoothie? Is it a milkshake? Is it meant to be Frappuccino-adjacent but they are unable to call it one due to copyright law? It's up to you!

French Fries

If you love potatoes, but prefer them as fries rather than chips (or as chips rather than crisps, for any U.K. readers out there), then this is the float for you.


8-Pack Pizza Float, $195, Walmart

You can spend a boatload (hopefully, split amongst friends or family) and buy eight slices at once to make an entire pizza. Or buy two-slice pack. Or just buy one slice. Choice is yours.

Personal Pizza

Or maybe you just want a whole pizza all your own. If so, this personal pizza is for you. You can even let someone else on if you want:

Whole Pizza, $78,

So, yeah, there are a lot of pool floats out there, and a lot of food-themed pool floats amongst them. Whether you want chips, fries, a smoothie, or wine big pool float has you covered.