This Powder Turns To Lipstick When You Put It On & It's Definitely Sorcery

Just when it seemed liquid to matte lippies were the pinnacle of transforming beauty products, another mind-blowing lipstick formula steps onto the scene to steal the spotlight. A powder that turns into lipstick, CLE Cosmetics' long-wearing lip tints are the ultimate show stoppers.

If this powdery lipstick sounds a little too much like sorcery, that's because it pretty much is. It's one thing for lippies to start off as a runny liquid and dry down to a stain. But a tint that instantly switches from a textured powder to a creamy matte with just one stroke across the lips is pretty hard to believe until you see it for yourself

Using innovative technology, the CLE Cosmetics Melting Lip Powders transform into a cream though heat activation. So, the warmth from your pout is what gives the lippie its super powers. But it's not just the heat activation that makes the lipstick game changers. It's waterproof formula is yet another feature that makes the melting powders one hell of a magical lipstick.

Your jaw should have already dropped by now, but on the off chance that it hasn't, full details on the lip powders and their color range will have you throwing your hard-earned coins at CLE in no time.

Melting Lip Powders, $20, Cle Cosmetics

For $20 each, these power lippies could be yours. Snag them from the CLE Cosmetics website while they're hot or shop them via Revolve, Anthropologie, and Neiman Marcus. Available in eight beautiful hues, from cherry red to Barbie pink to chocolate brown, there's something for every kind of lipstick lover in CLE Cosmetics' lineup.

Rather than simply coat your lips with a colorful stain, these lippies will nourish your pout as you wear them, too. Infused with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, they hydrate your lips while offering protection from environmental stressors.

You won't have to worry about frequent touch-ups with these babies, either, given that their waterproof formula makes them long-lasting. After all, every girl-on-the-go could use a pigmented lippie with staying power.

If it all sounds a little too good to be true, just watch the lippie in action to become mind-blown.

Melting Lip Powders, $20, Cle Cosmetics

To apply the melting powders, you may swipe the product directly onto our lips or dab some onto your hand first and use your fingertips to blend it on any desired area. And by any desired area, we mean that these powders are multipurpose makeup products, great for using on the lids, lips, or cheeks.

As the CLE Cosmetics video model demonstrates, the melting powders are perfect for creating a monochromatic beauty look that uses the lipstick on both the lips and cheeks. When it comes to getting more bang for your buck, it really can't get any better than that.

Melting Lip Powders, $20, Cle Cosmetics

At this point, lip powders are truly a thing. With other powder to cream lippies on the market like the Touch In Sol Chroma Powder Lip Tint and the K-beauty RiRe Lip Powder, it looks like liquid to mattes aren't going to be the only trendy lipsticks on the market.

Though it may seem intimidating at first, it's worth giving a powder to tint lipstick a shot. One of the most unique lipstick formulas currently available, it's the gateway to a game-changing pout.

Online reviews reveal that it may be tricky to master such an unconventional lippie at first, but when you do get the application down pat, you won't be disappointed. Soft to the touch, nourishing for your pout, and able to withstand your day's activities, there's really not much more you could ask of an incredible lipstick.