This 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7 Sneak Peek of Hanna & Caleb Is Further Proof That Haleb Should Be Endgame — VIDEO


Despite all of the drama the Liars faced in the Season 7 summer finale, at least Haleb seems to be going strong in the midseason premiere. After everything thing they've gone through, including that devastating breakup, Hanna's engagement to Jordan, and Caleb and Spencer dating (I'm still not over that disaster), they sure deserve happiness. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, here is a Pretty Little Liars sneak peek of Hanna and Caleb from "Playtime" showing them happily in bed together. The clip is also further proof why these two are meant to be.

While Caleb would like to spend his day in bed with Hanna, she'd rather use all of that energy to figure out Jenna's current whereabouts. Caleb, of course, is concerned and doesn't wanna Hanna going down another rabbit hole, like she did when she kidnapped Noel and locked him in a hotel room. Like the amazing man and boyfriend (hopefully soon-to-be fiancé and husband) he is, Caleb would rather Hanna focus on herself and her dreams. Why are you so perfect, Caleb Rivers?

"It's time that Hanna worry about Hanna," he says in the video before handing her a notebook of her clothing sketches. He then adds, "There was a time when you wanted this so badly that it broke us up." Hanna promises him that will never happen again, and Caleb knows that, but his main concern is that all of the A.D. drama is getting in the way of her true passion — fashion. And then Caleb says like the swoon-worthy fellow he is, "But if you don't do this, you're gonna regret it. So let me worry about Jenna, OK?"

Oh, Caleb. The fact that he wants Hanna to not miss out on pursuing her fashion dream is what makes him such a great partner. The support he shows her and how he pushes her to become successful in her career makes Caleb a worthy boyfriend. Granted, living in Rosewood and being stalked by A.D. doesn't make Hanna bringing her fashion hopes to life any easier. But with Caleb trying to help with the Jenna hunt and with his constant support, Hanna's dream could very well become a reality.

Haleb, it's so good to have you, your perfection, and relationship goals back in my life. Here's hoping the final 10 PLL episodes will feature even more Hanna and Caleb goodness.