This Product Will Give You Lips Made For Pillow Talk

Have you ever noticed that your lips seem their poutiest and, well, pillow-iest first thing in the morning? It's precisely that just-woke-up effect that we're always trying to recreate during the day, and lip powder is the secret. Unlike the lip-plumping products we might remember from years past, BUXOM's PillowPout™ Creamy Plumping Lip Powder gives you a full, soft look without any of the stinging or burning.

That's because its formula, which is new to the scene, works totally differently — and we've partnered with BUXOM to show you how. This lip powder relies on nourishing ingredients like peptides instead of painful irritants to plump your lips, and its wet-powder technology gives lips weightless color with a finish that makeup artist Julianna Grogan, who created the looks below, calls "velvety soft." Plus, there are ten beautiful shades to choose from, ranging from soft neutral to punchy red, so there's a perfect tone for everyone and every mood. Pick your fave and find out just how pillow soft your lips can be.

What Makes It New

Joshua Pestka

You're not alone if the idea of powder makes you think of dry, tight lips. But the ingredients in this formula (like mango seed butter and vitamin E) actually keep it feeling luxurious and comfortable. "The semi-matte fine powder feels creamy but gives you seamlessly stained, plumped lips," says Grogan." The end-result: a dreamy, super-romantic effect like on Yessy, above, who's wearing the shade Kiss Me.

The Best Way To Prep

Joshua Pestka

Lip powder isn't high maintenance or demanding like, say, liquid lipstick, but it does still require a little prep to ensure it goes on as smoothly as possible. "Apply lip balm and let it sit for a minute on the lips," says Grogan. "Then, blot off the balm with a tissue and glide PillowPout™ over perfectly hydrated lips." That way, you get an even finish, just like on Sydney (who's wearing the shade Cozy Up).

How To Apply It

Joshua Pestka

It's easy — we promise. After twisting off the cap to remove (you twist to re-load, too), "glide the applicator over the center of the lips first, and spread the excess product," says Grogan. "Then, rub your lips together to disperse the powder." After that, you can use the sponge tip to go back over the edges of the mouth for added definition. But if you want to keep that diffused, perfectly imperfect look like on Sosheba, who's wearing the shade Seduce Me, Grogan recommends blotting your lips with a dry tissue to soften the edges.

How It Wears

Joshua Pestka

Think of lip powder as the exact opposite of fussy formulas (we see you, gloss). "If you don’t have time to babysit your lipstick all day, this is hassle-free," says Grogan. "It's perfect if you want an effortless look that gets better as it wears off." A soft rose shade like Darling Dolly, as seen on Courtney, only gets prettier the longer you wear it.

Play With The Effects

Joshua Pestka

You can add some intensity to your plumped-up look without sacrificing that soft-focused effect — with the help of a lip liner. "To create a more solid edge, begin by lining the lips with a creamy lip liner, like BUXOM Plumpline™ Lip Liner," says Grogan. "Blot lips again to soften, and then apply PillowPout™ over the top." It'll give you the same plumping effect and silky texture but with a little more definition like on Meghan, who's wearing So Spicy.

Joshua Pestka

This post is sponsored by BUXOM.

Photography: Joshua Pestka; Makeup: Julianna Grogan; Hair: Akihisa Yamaguchi; Prop Stylist: Renee Flugge; Art Direction: Bry Crasch & Diana Weisman/Bustle