This Woman's Viral Post About A Spiked Drink At A Party Will Horrify You

It's a sad reality that each time someone accepts a drink from a stranger, the possibility looms that it has been drugged without their knowledge. As this Reddit post about watching your drink shows, though, drink spiking can take place anywhere, even places where you feel safe and surrounded by people you know well. Despite popular wisdom, it isn't the responsibility of potential victims to protect themselves — call me crazy, but I would say the onus is on people to not roofie someone. Unfortunately, not everyone sees things the same way, and it helps to be prepared in the event that it does happen to you or a friend.

That may be why the aforementioned Reddit post became so popular. On Sunday, Reddit user MadiLeighOhMy posted on TwoXChromosomes, a community dedicated to women's perspectives, with a story that will be all too familiar to many readers. "Ladies, I beg of you, no matter where you are, who you're with or how safe you feel... watch your drinks," they began.

Earlier that night, MadiLeighOhMy and their husband had brought a friend to a large charity event. As they were chatting at a table, the friend excused herself to the bathroom. When she returned, she was "absolutely staggering" and began projectile vomiting on every available surface.

"Thanks to some awesome medic friends, my enduring husband and one incredibly sweet stranger, we were able to get her into our vehicle and transported her to our home. It has been approximately four hours since the onset of this incident and she is just now resting peacefully," the user wrote.

Keeping an eye on their friend's vital signs, they wrote to the organizers of the event to warn them that someone may be spiking guests' drinks, and apparently, at least three other women were drugged as well. While several men were asked to leave the event due to "suspicious behavior," no arrests were made. MadiLeighOhMy concluded:

"Who knows what would've happened if we weren't there[?] Always always always watch your drinks and never accept a drink or a shot from a stranger, even if it's a female stranger. Just don't. It's not worth it."

According to a 2016 study of three different university campuses, about one in 13 college students say they had been drugged before or suspect they were. Nearly 80 percent were women. On a more anecdotal level, the thousands of comments on the Reddit post make it clear how common the experience is. Users chimed in with their own experiences as well as advice for what to do if you suspect you or someone you know has been roofied. You can check out the post for yourself on Reddit, but the highlights are below.

Get To A Hospital

This lines up with advice from the Office on Women's Health, which suggests getting medical care right away. Once there, inform the doctors that drugs were a possibility, and call the police.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Again, being drugged can happen anywhere.

Seriously, Get Medical Help

Someone who is acting strangely hasn't always been drugged, but if this person's friends hadn't suspected she was roofied and taken her to the hospital, she may have gotten much sicker.

Call For Help

Strangers aren't the only people to spike drinks. Like sexual assault, it can come from so-called friends. Luckily, this user's friend called someone she trusted for help before she was incapacitated.

Watch For Injuries

Given the symptoms of being drugged, it's no wonder injuries can happen while under the influence.

The List Goes On

The comments section goes on and on with stories that vary in the details but follow the same trajectory: Someone is drugged without their knowledge, and if they're lucky, other people help them get home safely. Drink spiking is a serious problem, and it may be more common than you realize. For more information on common date rape drugs and what to do about them, head over to the Office on Women's Health.