This Sarah Paulson & Cate Blanchett Interview Is Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen

Well, these Ocean's 8 co-stars don't get along, whatsoever... Sarah Paulson and Cate Blanchett were on Today Tuesday and they showed exactly the type of friendship they formed while filming the highly-anticipated movie featuring some of the biggest women in Hollywood. Basically, if you're going to sit down with Paulson and Blanchett together, you will not be able to get a word in edgewise.

That's what happened to Hoda Kotb, who tried interviewing the award-winning actors. However, they were too busy joking around with each other and laughing that Kotb barely asked any questions about them or their new movie. Seriously, for almost six straight minutes they took jabs (all in pure fun, obviously) at one another and talked nonstop.

As soon as cameras started rolling, Paulson and Blanchett set the tone of the live chat. After Kotb jokingly asked, "Who are you two?" Paulson pointed at Blanchett and replied, "I don't know who she is. Never met her." Then, Blanchett repeated, while epically rolling her eyes at Paulson, "Never met her."

"You guys clearly have a thing going on," Kotb said. Of course, they couldn't let that go. "No, it's over," Blanchett said. "It ended about an hour ago," Paulson added.

Things only escalated from there with Oscar-winner Blanchett teasing Paulson's outfit and told her to "get a stylist". To that the American Horror Story actor responded, "I got it from your mom."

Trying her hardest to do her job, Kotb asked if they met on the set of Ocean's 8, but they've known each other for awhile. As Paulson noted, "No, we did another movie together." She continued, "It's called Carol. She [Blanchett] was nominated for an Academy Award, which she did not win. She did not win that one, OK, you guys? She didn't win it."

This is how it was for the entire interview and Paulson did recognize how poorly the interview was going. She said to Kotb, "This is going well for you, I can tell." At one point, the American Crime Story star also said, "I know, we're not helping you — at all", and, "Well basically we didn't do anything but just be crazy people."

Kotb just laughed the entire time. Actually, she laughed so hard her mascara started to run and she had to bring out Savannah Guthrie to assist her in the interview. Guthrie tried to ask questions, but as soon as she came out, this is what happened:

Oh, and then this occurred:

Yes, that's Paulson pulling Blanchett's hair.

All four women truly had a blast during the interview and it's clear how much Blanchett and Paulson adore one another. As Guthrie said to them, "You really do click. We noticed this when we got to interview a couple weeks ago." Kotb also noted, "We've done so many interviews for movies and never one like this." She also brought up how promoting a movie sometimes isn't fun, but the women of Ocean's 8 have had fun doing it.

Out of all the women, Paulson's interviews have stood out the most. When she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in May, all she could talk about was Rihanna, one of her co-stars in the movie, and how she couldn't keep her cool around her. Her interview with Ellen DeGeneres was just as funny as her Today show one, which just goes to show how entertaining Paulson is. Then, when you add in Blanchett, you have pure magic.

It's wonderful to see the friendships formed from Ocean's 8 and how much the women adore each other. Like Paulson recently told Bustle before the 2018 Met Gala about whether or not the movie will be a success:

"We sort of delude ourselves into thinking we have some semblance of control or some idea about how things are going to go, and we just don’t. At the end of the day, I bet you those girls had a f*cking ball making Ghostbusters, and so who gives a f*ck if anybody saw the movie? I’m not gonna spend too much time worrying about it. I had a f*cking blast, and I made seven new friends."

As overwhelmed as Paulson and Blanchett's interview might make you, it's pretty amazing to see just how much fun they have together.