This Sign Won’t Be Affected By Mercury Retrograde In March 2018, So Congratulations

It really doesn't seem fair that one astrological sign can ever enjoy the benefit of escaping the wrath of Mercury retrograde — that is, of course, unless that sign is your own — but it happens. Occasionally, the stars just align in the right way for a certain sign, and Mercury retrograde isn't so bad for them. Case-in-point: According to astrologers, this sign won't be affected by Mercury retrograde in March 2018, and they will not only narrowly escape its negative effects, but they will also actively experience positive occurrences thanks to the planet's retrograde.

For most signs, Mercury retrograde brings on a slew of cataclysmic communication issues that cause everything from personal relationships to technology and travel to fall under stress. Clear communication is the key to the world working in sync, and when that element is challenged, everything is thrown off. One miscommunication can tip off a domino series of unfortunate events, and that's basically what Mercury retrograde feels to everyone. You almost don't need an astrological calendar to tell that Mercury is in retrograde — you can just sense it because everything seems to be going wrong, the people around you seem to be overwhelmed and frustrated, and the basic things that you can typically rely on like your phone working, or your schedule fitting, suddenly become entirely unreliable. However, it seems like this year, only Virgos will be spared the effects of Mercury's treacherous retrograde.


The upcoming retrograde falls in Aries, which is a fire sign that doesn't slide under the radar. So on top of the typical communication issues, we'll be dealing with people who are having fiery reactions to said issues, making things more heated and volatile than they have to be. For most of us, our patience will be thin, our tempers will be short, and the amount of energy we have to put toward our frustrations will be too much to handle. Despite how zen and well-prepared we all might be to deal with conflict during the rest of the year, Mercury's March retrograde will make temper tantrums and and meltdowns seem like second nature to most.

Yes, for 11 of the zodiac signs, Mercury's retrograde offers no assurances, other than this: what can go wrong, will most likely go wrong — and with a fiery passion. But for one lucky unicorn-of-a-sign, Mercury's retrograde is a progressive time for enlightened thinking, balance, and even mentoring.

You might think that the best sign to combat the effects of fire would be a water sign, but Virgo is an Earth sign. You see, while everyone else is experiencing extremes, the Earth signs are remaining grounded, because it's their norm. They have a natural ability to stay calm and careful, no matter what life throws at them. They're even-tempered, humble, and hard working, so challenges are welcomed and opportunities to shine as the level headed signs, are taken with pride.


You might think of Virgo as tightly-wound, a sign that needs things to be a certain way or else they can't thrive. But the thing to remember about Virgos is that they are incredibly introspective and pragmatic and they grow when they problem solve. So for the Virgo, Mercury retrograde will offer an opportunity for them to put their best skills to the test. Turn to your Virgo friends for help with navigating this chaotic time, they've got a natural confidence in stressful times and their knack for common sense, extreme patience and intelligence will make this retrograde a special time for them to stand out and be appreciated.

If you're a Virgo, expect to be unaffected by retrograde for the most part. Expect your employers to be pleased with you, expect your friends to be reliant on you, and expect some inspiring meditation that will help you leave this retrograde period with even better life skills than when you started.