This Mercury Retrograde Is Going To Be ROUGH For People With These Signs

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The good news is that 2017 — also known as the dumpster fire of the decade — is almost over. However, thanks to Mercury Retrograde, the end of 2017 is going to be just as rocky as the beginning. If you're wondering which signs are most affected by Mercury Retrograde, which begins Dec. 3 and goes direct Dec. 23, the news is not good for Sagittarius, Gemini, Capricorn, and Virgo-born people. Additionally, anyone with these signs in their natal chart can also expect a more challenging Mercury Retrograde than other people, according to the astrology website Moon Links.

"Those with Sagittarius, Gemini or Virgo Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, will likely experience the strongest difficulties presented by a Mercury Retrograde cycle; however, their main opportunity is to avoid arguments, keep their word, and analyze how they may be the carping critic and unnecessarily complicating matters for everyone with whom they are in contact," Moon Links reported.

This sort of sounds like one long episode of Three's Company, the '70s TV show where every episode is based around some kind of minor miscommunication that erupts into a full-on fiasco. Basically, Janet, Chrissy, and Jack were in one long cycle of Mercury Retrograde for eight years. If this is your idea of a nightmare, and you've never done your natal chart, it might be worth completing this free assessment on Cafe Astrology so you can plan around the pitfalls of the last, and most merciless, Mercury Retrograde of 2017.

Mercury Retrograde Is One Big Misunderstanding

Because this Mercury Retrograde is in Sagittarius, Sagittarius-born people will suffer more travel mishaps, and perhaps even some legal problems, according to Dark Pixie Astrology. "We can be extra boastful, make promises we don't keep, break promises, and talk a big game that we can't back up. We can buy into false prophets, and we can be too defensive of our beliefs and not open-minded enough."

So, Sagittarius, if you meet someone like Kai Anderson from American Horror Story: Cult, run since you are more susceptible to thinking that joining a cult is a good idea during this time. On the other hand, if your "false prophet" is someone harmless like Lady Gaga, there's nothing wrong with dressing up in your best "Joanne" gear and dancing your ass off to YouTube videos all December long. Let's face it, you're going to need an outlet for your frustration anyways.

"The retrograde begins at 29 degrees Sagittarius, so those of you Sagittarians born after December 18 can feel the start of this retrograde most," Dark Pixie Astrology noted. "The retrograde ends at 13 degrees Sagittarius, so those of your Sagittarians born December 2-8 can feel the end of the retrograde most."

For Gemini-born people, this Mercury Retrograde coincides with the supermoon in Gemini. Mercury is one of the rulers of Gemini, and the full moon in the same sign during Mercury Retrograde can exacerbate the inevitable communication problems that come with all Mercury Retrograde cycles. It might be best to attempt to resolve any misunderstandings in person versus via text or email where minor dust-ups can quickly devolve into major debacles.

For the overly analytical Virgo, your constant need to examine every little detail can cause you extra turmoil during Mercury Retrograde. According to Astrology King, Virgo's main challenge will be avoiding arguments and exercising patience, two things Virgos struggle with on a good day.

"The hectic pace and information overload can lead to nervous tension and rushed thinking," Astrology King noted. "Seek help when making important decisions, doing business, or signing contracts. Be more sensitive and patient to avoid arguments you probably won’t win anyway."

For Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius, staying out of your head is going to be your biggest challenge as things begin to feel all dark and twisty. While thorough thinking usually serves you well, it could backfire during Mercury Retrograde because your thought process will basically be happening in slow motion. It might even feel like your head is full of bees.

"The main issue will likely be analyzing everything to death with slower reasoning powers, so all the analyzing actually gets in their way," Moon Links explained. "Other issues may be intolerance for disorder, or totally rationalizing a double standard they might be using to manipulate a situation, or saying what’s true 'in the moment' but not keeping true to their word beyond the moment."

If you hold onto your need to be right with a death grip, you might find yourself with two feet in your mouth more than they're on the ground. This can lead to furious backpedaling later on when you realize you've miscommunicated your way into an uncomfortable corner.

Dark Pixie Astrology reported that Saturn enters Capricorn Dec. 19, right at the end of Mercury Retrograde. For millennial Capricorns born with Saturn in Capricorn, this time could cause some additional panic about the already formidable task of adulting.

"You’ll experience your Saturn Return at some point, where Saturn returns to the exact position he was at when you were born," Dark Pixie Astrology explained. "The first time this occurs is associated with becoming an adult (usually between 28-32), and is often the hardest return to deal with as you’re faced with moving on from reckless youth, tasked with learning lessons, and have to embark on the rest of your life."

With Neptune and Uranus also in Capricorn during this time, it might feel like relentless storm of hard life lessons for Capricorns born under Saturn. Dark Pixie Astrology noted that millennial Capricorns shouldn't run away from this adulting blizzard. Instead, get yourself a cosmic winter coat and find ways to learn how to work with whatever comes your way as any attempt to deflect your problems can backfire big time.

While Mercury Retrograde is no fun for anyone, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Capricorn can thwart some of this karmic kerfuffle by going in with their eyes wide open.