Meet Willow, The Smart Robot Breast Pump

If you'd officially given up on all hope of having bionic breasts like the majestic part-robot, part-human super-being you've always known that you are, fret no longer: Willow, a smart robot breast pump, is here to make all your highly specific dreams come true. The device, which made its first appearance on the public stage at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, aims to solve the age old conundrum of any breastfeeding mom on-the-go. Sold in pairs, the device mimics the sucking behavior of babies, extracting milk from the breast that can easily be funneled into a bottle or stored for later use with the convenience and ease of no other breast pump that dared come before it.

But the truly revolutionary part of Willow? It's entirely hands-free, and discrete AF. Whereas pumping in a public place is usually a bit of a production — one that, depending on the location, may make moms feel as though they have to find a sectioned off place to do it — Willow fits under the bra, so you can pump and go about all your badass business at the same time, be it working at your desk, taking care of things around the house, or taking a stroll through the neighborhood. Each device collects four ounces of breast milk, and is connected to an app via iOS (Android version to come) so you can see just how much milk it has collected without having to personally poke into your bra.

Here's a little insight on how the model will work:

Willow doesn't require any cords or external tubes to operate, and can run for a full day on each charge. It even has quite the personal touch: it will track your individual milk production throughout your use, sensing your let-down and switching into the expression phase without outside prompting. And because this already sounds like a godsend, it figures that the cleaning would also be a cinch: you can easily pull the pieces apart and pop two of them in the dishwasher.

Willow will be available in the spring, and will retail for $429. If you want to hop right on it when they become available for purchase, you can hit up Willow's website to sign up for an e-mail alert.