This 'SNL' Trump Cabinet Dream Cast Is Incredible

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With Donald Trump in the White House and the last three weeks of political ridiculousness as an indication of the next four years, Saturday Night Live is going to need to fill its own Cabinet positions soon. Thankfully, Hollywood's commitment to the Trump resistance means the show could snag some high-profile and seriously talented actors for all these roles. The SNL Trump Cabinet dream cast is more qualified for this job than Trump's actual nominees are for theirs.

Some of the major roles have already been masterfully filled, most notably Alex Baldwin as Trump, Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer, and Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway. However, the show has mined just a fraction of the humor possible from the least experienced presidential Cabinet in history. That's understandable, of course, since the Cabinet is still filing out, but it's fun to think how much better the show can get over the next four years. Though it might be quite some time before the show finds a real use for some of the less visible Cabinet members such as Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, it's still good to pick out the right actors now and have them on hand. Even if some of these choices don't make it onto the show, this SNL dream Cabinet cast is an exciting glimpse into the future possibilities for the show.

Rex Tillerson — Barry Bostwick

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The resemblance between Bostwick and Tillerson is truly uncanny, and Bostwick's comedic pedigree is impressive. He'd be a natural fit on SNL.

Steve Mnuchin — Emma Stone

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I'm not sure why, but I see it. I just see it.

James Mattis — Bill Murray

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Murray is an SNL legend who's welcome on the show pretty much whenever, and it would be hilarious to watch him take on the "Mad Dog" persona.

Jeff Sessions — Leslie Jordan

All credit to Twitter user @nycjayjay on this one, because it's simply too perfect to pass up.

Rick Perry — Jon Hamm

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You've seen him play dumb on 30 Rock and seen him play a jerk in Bridesmaids, so he's ready

Ben Carson — Kerry Washington

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Washington has slayed SNL a few times, but it's high time she came back. Plus it'd be a hilarious contrast to her fast-talking role on Scandal.

Elaine Chao — Lucy Liu

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Like Chao, Liu is Taiwanese American — with so little representation in Trump's Cabinet, it's important to give credit where credit is due. Liu's also proven herself to be a talented comedic actor who could make something great out of the material.

Mitch McConnell — 

McConnell's technically not in Trump's Cabinet of course, but a dinner party with McConnell, Chao, and the Trumps sounds like a ready made SNL skit.

Tom Price — Tim Gunn

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Gunn isn't exactly an actor, but he's hilarious and the resemblance is uncanny.

Nikki Haley — Mindy Kaling

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Kaling and Haley are both Indian American, and Kaling is one of the funniest actors in the game right now. It's a perfect match.

Betsy Devos — Christine Baranski

She's already offered to take the role, and she's one of the funniest ladies on television.

Ryan Zinke — Kristen Wiig

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The Huffington Post called on Wiig to play Jared Kushner, but the role wouldn't make sufficient use of her mastery of physical transformations. Also, she would look incredible with Zinke's bushy eyebrows.

Steve Bannon — Seth Rogen

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Given Bannon's well-publicized alleged anti-Semitism, having a Jewish guy play him is the move.

Ivanka Trump — Chelsea Handler

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You know Handler would kill this role, playing up Ivanka's fake feminism.

Jared Kushner — Sarah Silverman

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Even though Silverman was fired from the show when she was a cast member in the 90s, this part would be a great use of her comedic skills.

Reince Preibus — Rachel Dratch

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HuffPo called this one too, and it couldn't be more right. Dratch can mark her glorious return to SNL with the role of a lifetime.

Andrew Puzder — Patrick Dempsey

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At some point, there has to be a sketch about the billionaire Cabinet members vs. the non-billionaire Cabinet members, at which point Puzder will be an essential character. Put Dempsey in a bald cap (which would be objectively hilarious anyway) and he's ready to go.

John Kelly — Molly Shannon

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Shannon and Kelly actually bear a strong resemblance to one another, and former cast members are always fun to have back on the show.

Michael Flynn — Mandy Moore

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Moore is one of the biggest names in TV right now, and NBC can do some sweet cross-promotion for their hit This Is Us.

Scott Pruitt — Timothy Olyphant

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Olyphant is having a moment with his new Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet, so it could be part of a hosting gig.

Mike Pompeo — John Michael Higgins

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Higgins is a hilarious actor whose parts in Pitch Perfect and Yes Man prove his perfection for the role, plus he has a relationship with NBC from his role in the short lived

Linda McMahon — Jane Fonda

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Fonda is a dedicated Trump resister, and she'd probably jump at the chance to roast his Cabinet members.

Wilbur Ross — Sally Field

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Field is an outspoken Trump resister too, and casting her as Ross will help bring the Cabinet cast to gender equality.

Sonny Perdue — John Goodman

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Goodman is another SNL legend who appears on the show with semi-frequency, so he'd be a great addition to the rotating cast of Cabinet characters.